ABIA: LP State Publicity Secretary replies PDP’s futile attempt to distract a working government;

By Eric Mba

In a statement issued by the Abia Labour Party State Publicity Secretary Comrade Njoku Jerry Ajike; it appears the Abia State Chapter of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP whom were displaced in the 2023 gubernatorial elections after over 20 years of holding on to power in the state are yet to accept the reality of the defeat they suffered in the hands of the people whom they have held hostage these past sordid years before Labour party led by Dr. Alex Otti unseated them and led the people to a resounding victory.

Delivering a statement to the media, Comrade Njoku Jerry Ajike said; “I have come across the statement issued by the Vice Chairman and Acting Publicity Secretary of Abia State PDP in the person of Elder Abraham Amah, However, it is unfortunate that the embattled leadership of Abia State PDP has continually and effortlessly searched for loopholes to tarnish the working Labour Party government of Governor Alex Otti, unable to find any had suddenly engaged in aggressive media calumny perhaps to whip up sentiment to attract the unsuspecting public to its natural inclination to deception.

The Deputy Chairman who doubles as the Acting State Publicity Secretary of PDP may be forgiven for his careless statement in what he claimed as ‘Deepening crisis, corruption and high profile dismissal and suspension’ in the Alex Otti government because such a practice of a government that is committed to probity and answerable to the people is alien to the leadership of PDP in all its 24 years of mismanagement of the commonwealth of Abia people.

“A party of men and women who perhaps never witnessed an organized system of a call to duty where you are answerable to the people and are requested by demands of office to account for your behaviors whether good or bad., perhaps they needed to be reminded that In Labour party, demanding for leadership accountability is a standing principle both for appointees of government and the elected.

“Such practice is completely strange to a group that owed their allegiance to few circle of ‘godfathers’ for all their over 2 decades in government rather they were engaged in boot licking and extreme sycophantic master-servant administration, subjecting the good people of Abia to dire situations for all their gross abuse of office.”
“In Labour Party, every leader is answerable to the people from top to bottom and not to any godfather therefore at any time the services of any leader whether elected or appointed is called to question, be rest assured that the people of Abia state initiated such moves and the governor only responded and do not take any unilateral decision without engaging the people.”

“More so, responding to Elder Amah statement of a superior media machinery is not only laughable but puerile, PDP boasting of its superior media machinery that has continued to expose the ignorance of its leaders is likened to the rant of a lizard that fell from the Iroko tree, looked sideways and saw no one praising his natural ability to jump and he goes ahead to praise himself.

“Suffice it to say that the leadership of the Abia State PDP was naturally groomed in self media deceit, that is no feat but an intrinsic characteristics of fraudsters and incompetent power mongers who in order to continue to deceive the ordinary citizenry engages in continuous self media adulation with nothing good to show for their power mongering other than billboards of windy achievement of non-existent infrastructures.

“I am very pleased to tell the good people of Abia that Labour Party under the competent leadership of Alex Otti has ended that reign of impunity and completely disconnected the conduit of fraud operated by those masquerading as political leaders but are nothing but criminals in governance”

“The PDP Deputy Chairman’s plea in his press statement and others in like manner, asking for the recall of those the present government had sacked in the early days of this administration in order to sanitize the civil service structure is a clear admittance of hunger and frustration since the Otti’s government disconnected the ‘feeding bottle’ from those PDP trained rogue elements inserted into every ministry as conduit pipes of Non-Performance, incompetence and brazen fraud against the common wealth of Abia people that nearly brought the State to its knees as one of the previously worst performing state in entire South East, under PDP”

“Today, all that is history with a replacement of very competent hands that has the capacity to reposition the state to a functional government as Abia State under the leadership of Governor Alex Otti led Labour Party government has continued to top the performance index of governance across the 36 states of the federation

“Finally, in Elder Amah’s statement, he has made reference to the significant personnel changes and corruption scandals, as a move that has undermined the administration’s credibility and effectiveness of the Otti’s government.
“One will begin to wonder how do suspension of workers whose services calls for a probe translates to’ undermining the credibility and effectiveness of the government, rather than project the administration as a serious government committed to honest delivery of its campaign promises and showing clear signs of responsible leadership and quality service delivery to the people”.

“Perhaps the PDP and its cohorts needed to be reminded for the umpteenth time that the present leadership in Abia today is laying a template of a functional government that leads from the front in all its administrative responsibilities, and not a media hype government of deception managed by incompetent sycophants trained to praise the master to high heavens and the master in return tolerate their incompetence and abuse of office as was customary under PDP infamous years.”
“The government of Labour Party ably led by H.E. Dr. Alex Otti (OFR) will not mislead the good people of Abia state both in words and in deeds and there is no amount of blackmail that will bring PDP and those characters that gave the party a very bad name in Abia state back”

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