Tinubu and the sad story of Leadership in Nigeria,


It should be obvious to most reasonable Nigerians that the government of PRESIDENT BOLA TINUBU is clearly headed in the wrong direction and that only a miracle can avert the cataclysmic conundrum ahead of us.

How the night would be can be foretold in the morning. Only the worst of optimists would have expected anything better. Let’s be straightforward, the Lagos State template will not work in Abuja. In just one year, Tinubu has overtaken PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI in all negative indices. 

This is the sad story of Leadership in Nigeria, how we keep moving from bad to worse. Politics often attract those who just wish to be in power, for vanity purposes. It is usually about personal achievements, or aggrandizement, and not about national assignments, or accomplishments.

Since we know the backgrounds of some of those leading us today, we can readily paint a picture of the lack of rigours, in the seat of power. It is the reason that I wish to put it on record that one of TINUBU’s Brothers is about to register his opinion and proffer solutions that are not difficult to activate, and actualize, if a leader ever meant well.

Inside the villa, the President is being hero-worshipped. Those around him are painting a picture of “things are getting better, only opposition people are complaining and grumbling…

“Truth is, nothing is working. Those who wish to remain in the good books of President Bola Tinubu can continue to delude him and themselves. We know what most people feel outside, and what many whisper behind. Some of them are just in government to grab their own booty as quickly as possible.

It is not always because of desperate needs, but due to the despicable greed of  Man. They were mentored by him, and largely emboldened by the sheer audacity of the wealth that paved his way to maximum power. 

Let those who still care plead with these people to have mercy on Nigeria. No matter how long TINUBU spends, he will fail, spectacularly, and sink Nigeria, unless he can drastically reduce the insensitivity of, and the ongoing jamborees in, his government… Sadly, he doesn’t seem inclined that way…” 

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