Labour Party leader, Alex Otti exemplifies the New NIGERIA in focus as FDI boost Abia economy

The new Abia was not a claim in rhetoric for the purpose of campaigning neither was it a publicity stunt on billboards after the election. It is a statement introduced by Dr. Alex Otti in the course of his journey to government house. It is a reality that will continue to unfold and reveal what Nigeria stand to gain the moment it chooses to stand behind a man with sincerity of purpose to lead a revolution of development both in social and physical infrastructure.

Nigeria needs to be reset now or very little will make sense

“Nigerians have to take back their country and totally reset it back to 1966 regional federalism model”  by Gwon G Wolo Nigerians are bewildered by what is happening to them right now.  The foundation on which their lives depend has buckled.  The fear is palpable and the prospects of being alive and free is diminishing by the hour.  Civil society groups such as the Nigerian Bar and ICAN and NLC are afraid to even try to explain what is going on.  Nigerian banking systems is on the brink of total…