Abians found hope in a democracy that works; paved way for a people-oriented leadership

“What is happening in Abia State today is nothing but the hall mark of Labour Party, the will of the people is the will of the party, and as a party that operates on the principles of people oriented policy, we remain the original champion of democracy in Nigeria today, Abia has only served as a litmus test to what Nigeria could become when Labour Party take the mantle of leadership to guide this great country to a future of hope and fulfilment”

Abia; LP Publicity Secretary Faults APC attempt to rope the Party with the genuine demands of the Labour Union

“the message of the ordinary Nigerians whom Labour Party represents remain sacrosanct; “Cut down the cost of governance, stop this wastages of the scare resources of the country, otherwise it is obvious the political elites populated by APC leaders do not understand this simple rule of responsibility to your people so they resort to name calling and unnecessary propaganda”