Nigeria Cow Meat is poisonous, refuse cow meat and live in peace

Nigeria cow meat has become a very poisonous animal to eat not because it contains any lethal portion or disease No, but because it has been exchanged for human blood with throats of farmers slashed in cold blood

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Do not be deceived, one of the major cause of the many deaths of innocent hardworking ordinary people of Nigerian descents mostly farmers in the Northern, Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria is because some folks who have chosen a very archaic nomadic and non sustainable breeding of cows for business wants to keep their business by disrupting other people’s source of livelihood, you resist them they  come for you claiming rights of ownership of any land wherever their cows strolls in even if it destroys your farm crops, you must give way for the cows to eat your cassava, your yams and vegetables then they turn back after killing those of you that dared to resist their cows, they turn back and sale the cows to you and you buy it to cook for your family and friends to eat because you love cow meat.

Where I come from, we refer to this kind of attitude as ‘cutting your nose to eat and hoping to breath to survive, that is not possible, only foolish people does that otherwise how can you cut off your own flesh, you eat it, especially your nose and you still want to live, No, you are not supposed to be alive, you must die, as the man who sold the cows to you chooses, he may chose to cut off your head whenever he feels the need to show his supremacy over you, or he may choose to contact his friends in Army uniforms to stand guard in case you and your family come to retaliate while he slashes your throat, then he and his gang may chose to descend on your entire community and burn down everything, kill anyone in sight, rape your women, destroy your entire farmlands and bring the cows to graze and eat the leftover of your yams, maize and cassava as it is happening in Benue, Plateau and other parts of Nigeria

Then as a fool you are, those of you that were not killed by the enemy and killer codenamed “herdsmen or bandit” you turn around and buy this same cow, because you love to eat cow meat, you buy it, because you like to show off or perhaps you love to take titles as “Ogbuefi 1” of ndi Nzuzu, etc

Common sense did not occur to you that the moment you stop buying this cow, that business is automatically dead, and once the business is proclaimed dead in the territory where it is banned, let me see reasons why anyone should bring in the cows to graze in my community when we do not buy, sale or even eat it. Why will you bring in a business or an animal we consider as lethal to roam in our territory, We will kill that animal and sacrifice it to the gods of the land to cleans the evil that it came in with.

Nigeria cow meat has become a very poisonous animal to eat not because it contains any lethal portion or disease No, but because it has been exchanged for human blood with throats of farmers slashed in cold blood in their farmlands, their wives raped and communities burnt down because some folks want to breed and sale cows, poisonous stray cows that have become not only a nuisance but an evil animal and the owners would want to show you that they’ have the power and connections to Nigeria power brokers to take over your ancestral land, kill you and chase you away from the community, kidnap you and collect your money for ransom and still kill you while their cows graze over your corpse.

This kind of cows (White in Color) is not longer fit for human consumption, it is a killer cow. I have read of concerns of the Nigeria security being overwhelmed by the challenges and security threats posed by the ‘herdsmen.’
Do not be deceived, the security architecture of Nigeria is not overwhelmed as you are being lied to on the social media platforms, they have the capacity to stop the cows both human cows and animal cows from killing their own people if they chose to.

However, I doubt if there is any reason to let people who chose to be foolish to live since you want to eat cow meat as the only meat under the face of the earth you are deceiving yourself to eat.

I am aware there might be other species of cows like the “Efi igbo’ that is brown or dark in color, well, it is up to you to figure that out. However, if you must eat cow meat, avoid those perambulating white cows led by the Fulani Herdsmen.
You continue to buy and eat this cow you will be eating and drinking the blood of fellow Nigerians, brothers and sister even from your own community that have been killed, raped and their precious lives cut short because some deranged individuals on a blind mission to conquer and take over your territory under the guise of rearing cows for business, has vowed to keep to their pastoral destructive and unproductive lifestyle at the expense of your ignorance and foolishness to reject what is evil and unprofitable. 

At the onset of the Fulani cows menace in the South East, all kinds of policy thinkers and writers began to churn out several opinions on the need for Mechanized farming or ranching as key to industrializing the archaic practice of walking the cows up and down to graze in order to create value chain for the business of the Fulani bororo cows, As it is common with many government policies in Nigeria, immediately the killing abated, everyone forgot about it and faced other issues of priority concerns until that government expired on 28th of May 2023.

Today, the killing and kidnapping has resumed at a larger proportion not comparable with what happened in previous years beginning from Benue and Plateau State with over 500 killed just within December 2023 to February 2024, yet the people, the consumers of cows in the Middle Belt, the South East continue to crave for this killer poisonous animal.

At the peak of this menace of leading the Fulani cows to destroy people’s farmlands, kidnap those who resisted you and kill them, some communities braced up the courage to ban the consumption, buying nor selling cow meat in their region and to our greatest shock, the kidnapping and killing stopped abruptly till date.

We did that and succeeded because we dared asked ourselves that golden question; Why will you eat your own flesh to survive, if you’re killed because of cow meat, then of what use is your life to that of the cows, the community took a final and lasting solutions backed up by stringent customary laws and till date both the herdsmen and their cows are stranded and if perhaps the owners chose to prove or test his connection in Nigeria authority and defy this simple order, the cows are considered a prey and must be hunted down and the man who chose to disobey the laws of the land will be treated as an enemy“
This is how the menace of kidnapping and destroying hardworking people’s farmland stopped and peace returned to the community.

This essay is restricted within the menace of the Fulani ‘Bororo’ cows destructive pastoral choice and use of kidnapping as a means of warfare while the crime of kidnapping has evolved to include young jobless people seeking for quick wealth, communities should have the courage to face their fears and bring down the enemies within and intruders by every security measures necessary and keep heartless strangers away from their communities.

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