Nigeria do not deserve the prayers for peace; Fight for it or die a coward

A Clarion Call to all Oppressed Peoples in Nigeria

it is perfectly in order of the holy book to defend your life in your own nation. It is perfectly normal to defend yourself against anarchists backed by government agents indirectly trying to remove you from your ancestral lands

By Moses Oludele Idowu 

   I just listened to the SOS from the Chairman of Mangu Local Government in Plateau State asking for help as another 30 people had just been slain by assailants. This is a place that is supposed to be under a curfew and soldiers are on patrol.

  What annoys me is the comment by another person asking for us to pray for them. But for how long are we going to pray to prevent what a security agency is created to prevent? For how long?

Pray, pray, pray… We have prayed for peace. It is time to begin to organize, strategize and fight for peace. It is time to begin to, like Winston Churchill would say, “wage peace.”

  I wrote years ago about the right to self-defense but it was Christians, brainwashed and ignorant of Theology and Logic who challenged me that it is not the way of God. CAN doesn’t believe in self- defense. Nigerian Christianity will suffer terrible calamities soon because it failed to heed wise counsel.

  In every church there are at least two kinds of people – the Moses company and the Joshua company.

  The Moses will go to the mount to pray and lift up the hands to God in intercession but the Joshua must gather men to defend the camp against the Amalekites, the children of disobedience. Wicked and unreasonable men who only understand violence, brute beasts, unrefined animals in human skins who drink human blood. 

   And the Scripture is clear about this but modern Christians can’t see it. 

   Esther and her company and Mordecai prayed and fasted following the example of Moses but the rest Jews in the provinces still stood for their lives and resisted by fire and by force, burning for burning, fire for fire.

The third example is Nehemiah and the remnant Jews as they built the walls of Jerusalem. Half of them built and half of them held weapons to defend their lives.

   So it is perfectly Scriptural to defend your life in your own nation. It is perfectly normal to defend yourself against anarchists backed by Government and its agents indirectly trying to remove you from your ancestral lands. Unfortunately, modern Christianity is full of “useful idiots ” at this time and CAN is confused and possibly compromised and ignorant of what to do. Other than weak and tepid press releases it has lost the ace and the enemy of Christianity can see that. Apart from its lack of any ideological posture or moral superiority it operates more like a trade union now or a political party.

I offered a challenge years ago for anyone either from the clergy or laity, either from the university or seminary or even public who can meet me in a debate to show that it is wrong for a Christian and a Christian community faced with genocide of the Janjaweed- like as is being witnessed in the Plateau State to defend themselves. Three or four years later no one has taken the challenge to meet me.

  We have a peculiar situation on our hands in Nigeria and now we must address it peculiarly. The Authority of Government is not total and it is not sancrosanct, it can be challenged. God instituted Government to maintain law and order, to punish evil and reward good. So what happened when these time- honoured values are perverted and subverted? What happens when

there are incontrovertible proofs and evidence of government complicity with criminal elements and its agents supporting criminals and criminalities?

   A citizen is only bound to obey a government that is itself subject to the law of God and mandate of the people, not a government that has been perverted and subverted for criminal purposes and sinister agenda.

Kidnappers, terrorists, bandits and Jihadists are taking citizens for ransom and calling their victims and the security agencies don’t know them and can’t trace them. Bandits and jihadists are clearing communities of its inhabitants and living in their houses as we see daily in Plateau State, so what is the purpose of government? Can a government that has lost its purpose, a party that knows nothing except propaganda and its self- serving accomplice press stop a people from defending themselves when the government cannot defend them?

Over 200 citizens mostly Christians were killed on Christmas eve, has anyone been brought to book other than the usual gra- gra and grandstanding of authorities to give the International Community the false impression that it is working? Another 30 has just been killed in an area that is supposed to be under a curfew and when the military is supposed to be present. So what is the purpose of government?

I am a Christian, unapologetically so, an Apostolic Christian and I will not keep quiet while Christians are unsafe in any part of Nigeria. If you call that sentiment then you are ignorant; you went to school but you didn’t learn anything.

  The government exists to take care of these beasts in normal situations. But we have a peculiar case in Nigeria where the government is in league with murderers, criminals, anarchists, terrorists and killers and is fighting victims and innocent citizens. Yes you heard me right.

This is an aberration, the very reversal of why God created government in the first place: to punish evil and reward righteousness and virtue. Alas, we have a government, a forerunner of the Beast system and Antichrist Order headed by a party that since 2015 has rewarded criminalities, terrorism and banditry rather than confront or fight them, while punishing indirectly the law- abiding citizens. A government that has given one hundred billion naira to Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders, the main protagonists of terror and purveyors of violence against farmers and innocent citizens while neglecting their victims in IDP camps.

A government that is rehabilitating terrorists and “de-radicalising” them and returning them to the community – for a repeat performance? – while abandoning the victims of the terror in IDP camps; a government and a party that has turned logic on its head. Do they even understand any Logic?

This is not the reason why God created government. This is not the purpose of government, this is the way of the Beast and the precursor of the Beast and the Man of lawlessness predicted in Book of Revelation 13 who will change laws and customs and turn everything upside down. Since 2015 we have been witnessing a perversion of the art and principles of government, a truncation of the very idea and purpose of government.

The day of truth is here and truth must now be told.

 So what do you do when you are faced with a government and a party like that? What do you do when the army itself is partisan and not neutral in a conflict?

   The genocide going on in Plateau State is another proof of what General Danjuma told us years ago about the Nigerian Army.

You heard the Chairman of Mangu Local Government accusing the army of watching by as Christian settlements were being burnt while policing the Muslim areas? 

   This is another confirmation of Danjuma thesis. Why should I believe an army when its own retired Chief of Staff who still draws his pension from it does not believe in it?

  General Salihu Ibrahim said the same thing, even worse thing about the Nigerian Army when he was retiring. He calls the Nigerian Army “an army of anything goes.” It is documented, I am a researcher.

  If this is what you entrusts your security to then God helps you.

Unfortunately, many contemporary Christians and their leaders are bad theologians and they don’t think. It is why I call many Nigerian Christians “useful idiots.” They even sing the enemy’s songs for them. They are the Judas and they are sre also the Pilate. Witness the terrible concoction called biography of the Sadist just launched  authored by a spokesman that is supposed to be a pastor of Foursquare and how he ridiculed his own religion, pastors in the name of serving his sadistic hero, a Fulani hegemonist? You have many judases like these in the Nigerian Church.

   What then is to be done? 

This is to all besieged people especially in Plateau and Benue State and other states like Zamfara, Taraba, Katsina, etc.

  The first thing is to realize that you are on your own. Don’t expect Americans or Britain or Israel or anyone to come to your aid. They won’t come here.

  Don’t expect any support from CAN and its foster nephew PFN to come to your aid. PFN was the first organization to congratulate this government whose election was still a subject of litigation in court. CAN did the same with Buhari. So do not expect anything from these religious politicians in collars.

  So take your destiny in your hands. Mobilize your youths and young men and defend yourself and your land – in anyway and by every means.

This applies to not only Plateau State but also Benue State and Southern Kaduna and all besieged people in Zamfara, Taraba, Katsina and other places.

  It is your right to defend yourself. You don’t need the permission of any government or police or army to defend yourself. The Constitution guarantees you that right. The International law guarantees it and above all, the law of God and Humanity stands behind you. Don’t let anyone deceive you and don’t be confused by “our friends” the so- called “learned men” who in reality are neither learned not manly.

 Defend yourself. 

You have only one life to live, don’t let anyone cheat or rob you of that life. Live it to the full. Those who can pray should pray and those who can fight should fight and redeem their lives from a failing state.

To the Southerners especially Yorubas who are still living in illusion that they are protected and secure I say to you as I said five years ago, “it will soon be your turn.”

By the time the jihadists clear the Middle Belt obstruction in Plateau and Benue State then the unimpeded movement to the South by their Janjaweed-militia cannot be stopped. You heard that Myetti Allah has formed a militia and they will be armed, the outcome of the N 100 billion Buhari gave them. And what does a militia do? The Janjaweed-militia in Sudan what did they do to the blacks of Darfur?

It is your choice. You can pay now or pay later.
 What is to be done? I told you five years ago and I have said it repeatedly. It is the same answer: raise your own People’s Militia on standby in every town and villages now. If Plateau and Benue have such a militia it would be difficult for the ethnic cleansing going on to take place.

  As usual you can abuse me and insult me. It is also allowed. But soon we shall see who is right. Only that by then it would be too late to do anything. In a jungle you protect your own space or you get eaten; Nigeria is now a jungle. This is not time for big brother and Political Correctness but plain truth and bloody actions to safeguard your own space and your own people. Else you will not only lose, you will be lost.

  My counsel to Nigerians this morning therefore is : DEFEND YOURSELF.

Good morning, Nigerians.

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© Moses Oludele Idowu


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