Labour Party: Built on daunting courage, resilience and focused to rescue Nigeria from the grips of political hostages

It is of note to remind the good Nigerian people and supporters of our great party that, we remain courageous and resilient to rescue Nigeria from the grips of political kidnapers holding this great nation hostage
By Olubunmi Odesanya & Njoku Saintjerry A

It is no longer news that Labour Party has come to stay as Nigeria’s most potent and credible political party of hope, a great number of Nigerians has exemplified that trust and confidence they have in the party and its leadership to lead Nigeria to that future of prosperity and peace that every Nigerian keep yearning for.

As shown in the outcome of the much disputed 2023 Presidential election, most Nigerians spoke with a resounding voice that indeed, they were (and are still ready) for change by casting their votes to every credible candidate from our great party.

Save for the institutional barriers that prevented Nigerians from enjoying the change that they fought very hard for, our Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi ought to be sitting president and leader of the New Nigeria we all dreamed of, while our members should by now dominate the National Assembly.

Though, we have continued to abide by the outcome of the judicial dispute that arose from the election, Labour Party is currently engaged in internal appraisal of its structures while at the same time reviewing the events leading to, as well as the outcome of the poll with a view to correct some of the inherent mistakes to guide us in future election.

We are doing this because we are still very confident of our commitment and focus to lead Nigeria out of the prevailing status quo holding the country down from its envisaged development.

The leadership of the Party is certainly aware of all manner of subterfuge and machinations that may pose as impediments hence it is ready and prepared to confront such challenges headlong and we have been achieving the much desired success in that regard.

Nigerians know that Labour Party is currently battling with a series of internal and external forces all aimed at disorganizing the party. It is also a common knowledge that Labour Party harbours within it, some fifth columnists that have been fighting against the leadership of the party from within. These forces are also being funded and aided actively by opposition forces in government who see the party as the veritable rallying point for the great change Nigerians desired so much.

These paid agents of the prevailing status quo have lost a series of litigations they instituted to snatch the control of the party from the legitimate leadership under Barrister Julius Abure. When they realized that all their efforts have become futile as the people and relevant authorities have continued to shun them, they and their backers seem to have changed tactics.

Currently their new tactic is now to employ media blackmail as a tool in the never ending game of subterfuge and sabotage. The media space has now been flooded with pseudo-public affairs analysts who have made it habitual to make commentary on issues that they know little or nothing about.

Many of these ‘analysts’ are either being paid or hoodwinked into being utilized by unpatriotic elements who are daily working and scheming to destroy the Labour Party.

In the course of plying their trade, these ‘analysts’ have been misleading the people with falsehood and half-truths in the commentary thus suggesting that the Labour Party is on its way to perdition.

One major misrepresentation of events against the Labour Party is the habitual churning out of falsehood, which tends to suggests that the party is factionalised when such situation do not exist, with clear evidences of judicial pronouncement  affirming the Julius Abure led National Executive Committee as duly constituted to the lead the party until a new convention of the party.

These judgments have been respected by relevant institutions of state such as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the likes. It is gratifying to note at this stage that these agencies have in furtherance to the judicial pronouncements been relating with the party under Barrister Julius Abure.

In exercising its powers, the duly constituted leadership of Labour Party has been carrying out punitive measures as prescribed by the Labour Party Constitution to punish these disgruntled elements in accordance with laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The Labour Party Presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi remains a model of justice and order therefore he has allowed justice to prevail in matters of disloyalty to the constitution and leadership of the party without undue interference, even when those individuals who have mounted themselves as moles in the party have remained recalcitrant and bent to distract the leadership of the Party.

It is of note to remind the good Nigerian people and supporters of our great party that, we are aware of the false impression these elements are giving the public concerning Labour Party, However, we remain courageous and resilient to rescue Nigeria from the grips of political kidnapers holding this great nation hostage and no matter how hard they try to infiltrate the ranks, they will be uncovered and humiliated

Let’s keep the faith, Forward Ever,
Olubunmi Odesanya is the Publicity Secretary, Labour Party Lagos State
Njoku Jerry A is the State Publicity Secretary, Abia State

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