Nigeria owes Godwin Emiefele an unreserved apology

Appointing Yemi Cardoso as CBN governor appears to be a monumental error by this government.

By Chukwudi Iwuchukwu 

Cardoso, nicknamed Cardi B by Twitter children, appears to be clueless and out of depth, as the man has shown he no sabi anything.

I think he is the worst CBN governor. In recent history, no former CBN governor has come this close to the sheer incompetence we have seen from him.

The US dollar touched 1,400 to $1 yesterday, racing to 1,500 to $1, and inflation is tethering at 30%.

It is shocking that we have yet to get a robust response from the CBN man on how to tackle this problem.

Rather, the man has been busy, speaking English all over the place and doing fine boy with nothing to show for it.

This Tinubu government has been in office for less than a year, but it has been nothing but monumental failure, disgrace and disaster  all around. The failure of Cardi B to tame the sliding naira is the poster boy of their failure.

It is annoying, to be honest, because for all my relentless hard work as a young person who chose to stay back in Nigeria, I’m poorer than I was a year ago, and at this point, I think we owe Godwin Emiefele an apology.

Things were not this bad when he was CBN governor.


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