Homecoming; experience a New Abia under Otti’s Labour party Government 

There is only one message that is of necessity at the moment to every Abia state indigene and visitors; Come home, see what we are doing and be the judge

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

As the yuletide holidays draws closer, Nigerians of all classes especially people of the South East region are hyped in nostalgia of natural communities left and abandoned for years, months and even decades, friends not seen for ages, mixed thoughts of home, some exciting, some scary and some just to create a hoax of confusion and misdirection.

In the midst of all the conflicting opinion, media gossips and rumours about the New Abia, there is nothing as rewarding as visiting home and telling the story by yourself. Is there a new Abia in the making, What we read in the papers and across social media platforms concerning the new Abia, is it true?, the images we saw last time of light up streets and cleaned up roads void of the usual garbage dumps, is it real or was it another politically motivated Photoshop images.

Recently there have been regular appearances of false stories laced up with hate and ignorance propagated by individuals I will refer to as enemies of the people and most interestingly, the individuals constitute characters who have been very active in previous governments of Abia state that has at every ramifications contributed adversely to the ruin and filth that was a common sight in the State.

People have been reading them and are being deceived by these fellows that I will continue to refer as political rogue elements for their vain contribution to a progressive state while they had the opportunities to do so but failed woefully and now have resorted to a struggle, to distort actual pictures of progress and events on ground that they lack the will and intelligence to understand

There is only one message that is of necessity at the moment to every Abia state indigene and visitors; Come home for the Christmas holidays, take your time to visit Aba and Umuahia and be the judge in the ongoing works of reconstruction in the state,
Does the image of today Abia has any similarity with the locust years of waste, filth and ignorance in leadership and environmental decay?

The answer to this question is best provided on a physical inspection rather than rely on paid media mercenaries who have been busy as the devil deceiving the general public by distorting information on ongoing development and the new leadership in Abia State that has continued to shame members of previous administrations for all their years of failure in governance.

For the first time in 24 years, Abia is experiencing actual governance because, for once, they rose up in one spirit of purpose to reject criminals and lazy adults preying on the ignorance of the general public to steal and deceive the ordinary citizenry.

While at home, make efforts to reach out to Civil servants and pensioners who make up large number of the workforce in the state both active and retired, Is their present situation under the leadership of the Alex Otti led Labour Party government comparable to the previous years of neglect, pain and frustration under previous actors whose errand boys have found voice on social media platforms to lie and deceive the public on the activities of the Alex Otti government to rebuild Abia from the ruin the former occupants of government house has left of it.

It is a known fact that new construction projects anywhere open up to new roads, homes and businesses. Across the city of Aba, roads that once appeared permanently unusable leaving business owners and residents deserting entire region, some relocating outside the state are undergoing complete reconstruction. Streets that were once abandoned in filth and darkness has been cleaned and lighted up.

Lands that were once abandoned and undervalued are reopened for re-evaluation so much that the Abia State Ministry of Land has launched out a 30 Day Window to process and procure C. of O anywhere in Abia state to ease the ongoing rush by visitors to take up land space for development.

As I write, the Abia State Industrial Innovation Park, Owazza, about 30 minutes drive from the city of Aba continue to receive large number of foreign visitors, Including Total Nig. Plc, MTN, Mobil etc, especially in the oil and gas sectors, manufacturing and new technologies for the great future it holds in industry and productivity.

Recently members of the State Of African Diaspora (SOAD) under African Union (AU) visited Amangwu in Ohafia, about 45 minutes drive from the capital city, to explore the possibilities of constructing large scale industrial farm base and the construction of an eco friendly smart city, followed by the visit of some Bulgarian expatriates led by the Bulgarian ambassador to Nigeria, exploring opportunities the land of Ohafia in Abia North has got to offer.

In Ngwaland, criss-crossing Osisioma and Obingwa, harboring one of the most wonderful virgin table farm lands you will drive through untouched virgin forest farmlands ready to be explored for its rich natural vegetation and accessibility to the city of commerce.
Swissotel International Hotels and Resorts, Major hoteliers with the brand SWISOTEL is not left out among the visitors keying on to the Alex Otti development template, I have been a key witness in all these success stories and more, because I am on ground to tell you as it is.

This is the new Abia and not an object of media manipulation to deceive unsuspecting members of the public of a non existence infrastructure reconstruction process as was common in previous administrations that left this wonderful virgin land in ruins.

We knew there was a problem from the onset, a problem that almost made Abia state a pariah and an object of ridicule that scared away potential investors to the state and from day one the Alex Otti led Labour party government was sworn in, it gets down on its knees to work and rebuild this land of hope and prosperity.

As you visit, take a closer look at those unfortunate mercenaries of self hate, a certain Chinonye Mba, John Okiyi Kalu, Eze Chikamnayo and another fella codenamed ORACLE, all on Facebook, you may not find them because they are all hiding in shame under Facebook and across Whatsapp Forums to dish out lies on a regular basis to deceive the general public,

These are self made enemies of the good people of Abia whom for little pennies by their sponsors, have been struggling every now and then to distort information on the good development ongoing in the New Abia perhaps to whip up vain sentiments to distract the leadership of the ruling Labour Party,

More so and very unfortunate, the people writing and posting all those falsehood online were all cabinet members and sycophants of the previous PDP administrations that were overwhelmingly and disgracefully kicked out of office by the good people of Abia state for their gross incompetence and ignorance on the virtues of quality leaderships.

My good friend, brothers and sisters, take the next ride from wherever is your location and welcome to the New Abia of hope and prosperity!

Njoku SaintJerry A is the State Publicity Secretary of labour Party, Abia

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