Was there any hope in Nigeria from 2015 to 2023 to be renewed in the first place? The hope of Nigerians went down the drain immediately this inefficient party, APC took over the reins of power. 

By Olubunmi Odesanya

The One-Chance style of robbery is a form of robbery whereby a Passenger Bus is used to rob unsuspecting Commuters of their valuables. In the Bus, some members of the robbery gang will already be seated in the bus while the Conductor (another member of the robbery gang) will be calling on innocent and unsuspecting Commuters to enter the bus to various destinations. On the way to these destinations, the unsuspecting Commuters are then dispossessed of their valuables and pushed off the bus. 

This is the exact scenario happening in Nigeria currently and it is synonymous with this ineptitude government of APC.

Recall in 2015 when APC came with the campaign mantra of “CHANGE” and condemned the government of President Goodluck Jonathan, little did we know that what the APC meant was CHAIN and not “CHANGE. Now we know.

In 2022, a VERY VIBRANT, VERY CEREBRAL and, equally VERY BRILLIANT Politician joined the Presidential race under the Labour Party, in the person of Peter Obi, with the hope of rescuing the country from the mal-administration of this clueless APC. 

Again, the APC came up with another campaign slogan, “RENEWED HOPE” but this time did not win the election but rigged itself in using every coercive means. 

Was there any hope in Nigeria from 2015 to 2023 to be renewed in the first place?

 The hope of Nigerians went down the drain immediately this inefficient party, APC took over the reins of power. 


Having been illegally confirmed as the party in power, the APC began to dash the hopes of Nigerians. 

Just like the unsuspecting Commuters in the One-Chance bus, All Promises were cancelled (ALL PROMISES CANCELLED – APC)

 During the Inaugural speech, “fuel subsidy was gone”, the I&E window was introduced for forex and other policies with excruciating pains inflicted on the citizens.

Let us examine the outcome of the policies of the APC. The hope of Nigerians was that with the removal of the fuel subsidy (we do not believe though), coupled with pain due to improper/lack of planning, at least there should be enough fuel supply and fuel should be easy to buy, but alas, where is the fuel? Most Fuel Stations are without fuel, reason? No forex to import fuel. 

In the history of Nigeria, it is only during the administrations of this evil APC party that Nigerians have experienced CASH SCARCITY. A situation whereby you will have money in the Bank and not have access to it. When it happened earlier this year, we blamed Mr. Godwin Emefiele, the Former CBN Governor. Now that Emefiele has been arrested and currently under trial, who will the APC government arrest for the current situation? 

Again we just entered the ONE-CHANCE BUS.

Recall also when the President announced to the Nation the cash award of N25,000 to a category of Civil Servants but later changed it to N35,000 across board, till today, that pledge is yet to be fully implemented. How else can a government deceive its citizens?

 It is ONE CHANCE on the prowl.

The current Power (electricity) challenge in the country is another testimony to the sad situation of the citizens. A country without Power cannot attract any Foreign Investors, the APC government is just on another wild goose chase, wasting the scarce resources of the country. HE Peter Obi told them to put the country in order first and other things will follow but they NEVER listened.

We can go on and on but let me give you the final push for conviction. 

Recall that prior to this APC government and the current administration, Abuja Residents never experienced the ONE-CHANCE BUS, it was only common in Lagos State, was it imported or just a coincidence? Currently, One-Chance Bus incidences occur on an almost daily basis in Abuja.

 Whatever it is, Nigerians just boarded the ONE-CHANCE BUS

Olubunmi Odesanyav is the Publicity Secretary, Labour Party Lagos State

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