Dealing with the opposition and the tribunals: LP assures Abians of continuous victory

“The hallmark of Labour is discipline and hard-work and that is what we have adopted to guide Abians into economic prosperity and security and at any time the opportunity show itself we prove it that this government is in the business of changing the face of governance in Abia state. Perhaps this is what is giving the Oppositions a nightmare but do they have a choice” – Njoku Jerry A.

By Eric Mba, Steven Orji
In an interview response granted by the State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Comrade Njoku Jerry Ajike and served to visiting journalists at the Party Headquarters, Umuahia, he affirmed the party’s confidence in maintaining its victory at any time it is called upon and dealing with the opposition whom in his own statement do not possess the moral capacity to challenge the Gov. Alex Otti led Labour Party government

Excerpts; Speaking on the decisions of the Tribunal sitting in Umuahia, Mr. Njoku said;
“While not holding brief for the lawyers or speaking on behalf of anybody in that category, it will be wise to make clear that some of the decisions taken at the tribunals will remain very conflicting, confusing and lacking merit.”

Take for instance the sacking of Hon. Ibe Okwara Osonwa representing Arochukwu / Ohafia Federal constituency on grounds of non compliance over a matter that is statutorily at the discretion of his party without any undue interference by non-member or candidate of the party, having duly resigned from previous Party and his resignation duly served to his ward in Ebem Oha and advertised across several media platforms before the primaries.
Even where such matter is open to argument, what do we say of the 6th September epoch judgment of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunals (PEPT) where several issues bothering on similar instances of compliance to INEC were raised and out-rightly rejected by the tribunal as pre-election matters. At least, one would have expected that recent event to serve as a judicial precedent and where it is disregarded, it sparks off a clear evidence of foul play.

The same applies to LP, Hon Emeka Nnamani representing Aba North / South Federal Constituency. If PEPT could not decide otherwise on President Tinubu’s certificate issue and affirming the discretion of the party over decisions of documentary compliance by its candidate, where did the Tribunal sitting in Umuahia get their own judgment from? Do we have different laws for different candidates under the same Nigeria constitution?
Perhaps Nigeria is now operating multiple conflicting constitutions, then that should be made clear as we approach the Supreme Court for further interpretation of these conflicting and confusing court judgments as served.

For the benefit of doubt, Labour party and its followers remain confident that the Nigeria judicial system although it may appear compromised, still possesses the integrity to deal with injustice and abuse of legal precedents that is about to destroy the fabrics of democracy and rule of law in Nigeria if left unchecked.

In the case of the ordered Rerun in 90 days, involving LP, Hon. Munachim Alozie representing Obingwa/Osisioma/Ugwunagbo Federal Constituency we have no doubt in affirming our victory over those who by every means want to see this great state caged in poverty and underdeveloped.
Labour party is firmly on ground with the ordinary hardworking people of Obingwa, Osisioma and Ugwunagbo Federal Constituency and at which ever time any election is slated, rest assured, we will emerge victorious.

In the case of the Opposition, Mr. Njoku responded
“A lot of people have been calling me to find out the kind of images and information that people that consider themselves as the oppositions has been propagating on social media, well, let me make it clear. Those boys and their sponsors or allies do not appear as opposition with any atom of credibility.

What they are doing is to create distractions and confuse the innocent public.
PDP and its allies do not have the moral capacity to stand to what the Gov Alex Otti led Labour party government has come to do in Abia State.

They could not initiate any reforms, unable to establish any tangible development throughout their 24 years in government and left a legacy of shame and ridicule. Is it this kind of fellows that is coming online to speak to Labour party and even dreaming to come back to power?
I think they should get some education on what it means to be in the Opposition.

Well, Let me make it clear to all that, Labour party belong to Abia people, and we are in power today because the ordinary hardworking people of Abia state decided to throw away everything representing the old order of PDP.

Abia state has commenced a new era of governance, and what this government is doing is to find our own means of guiding residents in the state into new government programmes, policies and reforms.
This is why the government launched the Abia State Orientation Agency to address our domestic challenges beginning from how we relate with each other to how we relate with our environment and respond to government programmes for the new Abia that we all envisage.
And no matter how bad these boys will struggle to distort images and information across social media platforms to discredit the efforts of the governor they will continue to fail.

Those images you see of newly constructed and upgraded roads at Emelogu, Cemetery, Jubilee, Old Express roads, the street lighting, etc are genuine images of what the Alex Otti led Labour Party government is doing and will continue to do.
Abia was on the wrong path with previous political administration, that is a public knowledge and not necessarily because I said it and that path is what we do not wish to continue with in this administration.
The hallmark of Labour is discipline and hard-work and that is what we want to adopt to guide Abians into economic prosperity and security.

Our government is not only going to do things differently but we want to lay a legacy of orderliness, respect to rules and behavioral reformation.
Therefore whatever difficulty people in the state might be experiencing at any side of the government especially in the ongoing complains on payment of salaries, in sympathy to those affected, it is because the Labour party government is in the process of telling Abians that we cannot continue in the old habits of disorderliness and disregard to governance, everybody must come on board and take responsibilities for certain behaviors that will not constitute negative outcomes for the government.

We came to work and at any time the opportunities show itself we prove it that this government is in the business of changing the face of governance in Abia state. Perhaps this is what is giving the Oppositions a nightmare but do they have a choice

it will be advisable and commendable for citizens to join hands and make this administration a success because we have the template to reset entire structure to what a modern and developed state should look like.

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