Abia: Non Payment of salary; Otti’s government set up a Help Desk at AG Office

Prince Okey Kanu Abia State Commissioner of Information and Culture

…to finally put to rest the raging complaints and confusion regarding payment of salaries, we have established a Help Desk at the office of the Accountant General, to treat all inquiries regarding payment of all arrears as promised by this administration – Prince Okey Kanu

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Governor Alex Otti led Labour party government in keeping to its campaign promise of clearing over 40 months backlog of inherited salaries including arrears of pensions owed Abia state aged, retired and existing workers by the previous PDP led administration, has set up a help desk at the office of the Accountant General, This has become necessary in order to address all matters of discrepancies and complaints in payment of salaries of all genuine civil servants duly engaged by the government of Abia State.

It will be recalled that on resumption of office, the Alex Otti Labour Party administration had met an internal debt of over 42 Billion naira involving salaries and pension arrears of civil servants in the state accumulated over the years of neglect by previous PDP led administration.

In a statement issued by the Honorable Minister of Information Prince Okey Kanu during a Press Briefing after the weekly Exco Meetings, he said; “We met a very dysfunctional payroll system that I want to assume was deliberately manipulated to steal and defraud the hard working civil servants by unscrupulous elements in the previous administration.

However, we are paying up the salary arrears as promised. At present, discussions are ongoing with the leadership of the pensioners, government is planning a bullet payment system, that will be very useful and we maintain that all outstanding arrears will be paid before the year runs out

Regarding the discrepancies of some having received and others complaining not to have received their full salaries; It will be clear to state that, in the process of tidying up the confusion we met in the payroll system it was discovered that some workers have issues with their account information, conflicting BVN information etc, some of these exception have been handled.
More so, to finally put to rest the raging complaints and confusion being circulated on social media by the uninformed and exploited by the opposition, we decided to establish a Help Desk at the office of the Accountant General, Ministry of Finance, by Bank Road, Umuahia, to treat all inquiries regarding conflicts in receiving of all salaries as promised by this administration. The Office is open to everyone that has issues regarding payment of salaries and will provide answers to every questions in like manner. He said.

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