2023 ELECTION: Vote leaders that has the capacity to take responsibilities for development – Dike O. Uche

By Njoku SaintJerry A

“Making yourself available to serve demands taking up concise responsibilities to yourself and your community. It means you are ready to establish a paradigm shift from what you have observed through the opinions of your people that are not proper and is causing disaffection and underdevelopment”

As political parties warm up for the long awaited Primaries for the 2023 general elections scheduled to resume from 4th April to 3rd June 2022, a good number of aspirants have continued to horn for opportunities for recognition both at the grassroots and most importantly endear themselves to the political elites and party stakeholders both at the state and federal level in order to win the party ticket for the positions sought for.
“There is a need for Abia State indigenes to take up leadership responsibilities at the interest of the State” said Chief Dike O. Uche, Aspirant, Abia State House of Assembly, Ohafia South Constituency and Chairman and CEO of Wealth Partners Finance Ltd and De-Trump Hotels, Ohafia as he join in the race, seeking to lead in constructive change and bring quality representative governance to the people of Ohafia South Constituency, Abia State
Speaking from his country home in Isiugwu Ohafia during a townhall meeting with members of the grassroots in his ward; Chief Dike O. Uche said; “If you take away greed and vain pursuit of self-recognition from governance, you’re going to achieve a lot of development both for yourself, your community and the entire state.
Making yourself available to serve demands taking up concise responsibilities to yourself and your community. It means you are ready to establish a paradigm shift from what you have observed through the opinions of your people that are not proper and is causing disaffection and underdevelopment especially where individuals are elected to represent the people at both the state and federal level of governance.
“It is an established opinion that, seeking allegiance of political stakeholders or observing the influence of political godfatherism has characterized the Nigerian political structure, as much as it does count on one’s political pursuit.

“I respect party leaders and the position they occupy, they have set the pace before us. Ours is to re-modify their approach and make it work for the people.

For one to be in a privileged position of leadership, you need financial, mental and leadership capacities. All these I have in abundance which I desire to bring to bear for a positive change in the polity. More so, I cannot compromise quality delivery and conscientious representative in governance for my people. There shall be no room for selfish aggrandizement because, for me, God has blessed me already, I am very contended and only desire political leadership to make life more meaningful to Ohafia people and Abians at large.

I have been in the private sector for close to 3 decades now after graduation and by the grace of God, I have been successful in business and has made great impact in the finance, real estate and hospitality industry.
I believe I have the capacity to cater for whatsoever budget/logistics that goes with the assignment of political responsibilities without recourse to godfathers.
If individuals without such financial and mental capabilities plus a viable means of livelihood are elected into positions of leadership through the influence of political godfatherism, the people are likely to suffer the consequences adversely because he who pays the piper dictates the tune.

More so, If you do not have deep knowledge of statecraft and you, by happenstance found yourself in such positions where you are expected to make laws at the interest of the people and their communities, you are bound to make grave mistakes especially such that will set the horse behind the cart. That is what some of us has come to correct and put the cart in its proper position while we take the lead for the interest of our people.

I am joining the race for Abia State House of Assembly representing Ohafia South constituency to bring in constructive change that align my constituency with developmental goals of the state government apparatus whereby every state appropriation bill as presented must capture the interest of my people at all times and not the other way round.

The people have been deceived far too long to believe that there is no such a thing as constituency allowance for Ohafia South, whereas you have the super Appropriation Bill that comes to the State House of Assembly first where a member can input projects for the interest of his constituency first before it becomes an Act, then you can follow it up during ‘Oversight functions.’
This is where the development and welfare of our constituency is captured in the budget. The 17 LGA’s in the state forms part of the budget and development plans captured in the state Appropriation Act and as long as my constituency is part and parcel of the Abia state government, there are structural and fiscal benefits that should accrue to us as a people, our farmlands, road networks, environmental hazards, health and education. These are not items you can waive under the carpet and assume personal responsibility of its executions.  
Ohafia is among the highest populated region in Abia state, there are benefits that should by law accrue to us and it is my duty as the Representative, once elected into power, I will move to correct these anomalies. The People should know this and support election of the right candidate to bring in constructive development in the communities.

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