What Egyptians think of Nigeria


“The Egyptians you see today, you shall see them no more”

There are more than 10000 Nigerians studying in Egypt. I think Nigerians are so religious and they view Egyptians through Biblical scriptures and Quranic verses.

I believe the majority of Nigerians are amicable, friendly and fun-loving people who are so proud of their country, though they think in a very tribalistic way.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. That is why, they should fight individual scammers and governmental corruption.

Nigerians think the worst of themselves, yet deep down they don’t give up on their dreams, aspirations and hopes. They are optimistic about their near future, even though there are little evidence to any change of their lifestyle.

Nigerians are crazy about football. They support English teams as the premier league is so popular in Nigeria. Most, if not all Nigerian premier league fans, do respect the Egyptian king Mo Salah.

Egyptians generally cheer for Nigeria in continental and global sports’ events, and Nigerians cheer for Egyptians in the international championships.

All in all, Egyptians and Nigerians are brethren who believe in a better tomorrow for themselves and their people, though tribalism is much more apparent in Nigeria than it is in Egypt.

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