Get up and walk out of a bleak future; Invest in training today!

David Tosin Bakare, Njoku SaintJerry A.

 “Don’t be deceived, if you are ever going to come out successful in life, you must get trained for it. Don’t be delusional about life. Stop going about praying and hoping for success.

” Training is an investment, not an expense” – Luke Luckini

Cristiano Ronaldo is an absolute football genius. That much everybody knows. He makes football such a delight to watch. He mesmerizes spectators as he dribbles through his opponents and makes accurate passes.

He does it all with clinical precision and amazing simplicity, it’s almost magical. What many, however, do not know is that Ronaldo trains as if his life depends on it.
He begins training before his mates.

He is also never too busy to find time for his private training moments. For him, regular training with his teammates is just like a mere rehearsal of skills. Former

Manchester United power development coach, Mick Clegg said, “There is no magic pills on a journey like Cristiano Ronaldo’s. It’s all about hard work, day-in, day-out, week-in, week-out, year-in, year-out.”

Don’t be deceived, if you are ever going to come out hugely successful in life, you must get trained for it.
I often tell many youths in our training academy to shun the delusion of success via short cuts. Roll up your sleeves and get trained.

Get Trained

Don’t be delusional about life. Stop going about praying and hoping for success.
I have nothing against prayer. I pray myself but I also understand that while hope might be a critical part of the success equation, hope is not a strategy, especially when based on illusion, fiction or false assumptions.

Never think you can ever be outstanding without perspiring. It’s been said that success in life is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. To succeed in life, you must be willing to work for it. You must invest in knowledge by reading good books, by getting a mentor and by enduring every drop of sweat that comes with hard training.

Create time for training today in order to live the rest of your life enjoying the success that comes with it . No pains, no gains!
I have met folks who frowns at the idea of getting additional knowledge in the field of fintech, IT, Fine Arts and trending knowledge on technology, online trading and rewarding commercial activities. I consider this a lame excuse; you can never be too old for any knowledge you are trained for most importantly a field you had invested ample period of time to learn and understand the details of the business.
Many young people had resorted to riding Okada, Tricycles or any of those easy walk away from broke lifestyle in order to bring in ready income home, as good as that maybe, I have found out it becomes a very unhealthy choice the moment you begin to grow older, the burst of air and dust and the struggles attached with it may not take you any further and you resort back to the fears you were running away from in the early beginning.

Learn a trade, learn an art, get yourself acquainted with knowledge and skills that will go with you as you grow old, when you’re not working on it, there is every tendency you will become a consultant on that filed.
There is an elderly fellow in my neighborhood, man in his 80’s he is a retired lawyer, while in practice he had explored every opportunity to become trained in other areas of knowledge so much that foreigners still consult him for one or two deals – We do envy a man like that and would want to be like him and more. He divulged to us one cool evening, how he had taken himself through every step to learn the art of survival by signing up for various programs once it hits the headline, said, he was among the first to sign up and bought bitcoins when nobody paid attention to it. Now he is over 80 years and very active in various WhatsApp forums where he does still make active contributions while many men in his age are already sizing up their grave to make sure its deep enough to shut the world out.

Legendary boxing super-champion, Mohammed Ali, said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Now, you know why he is fondly referred to in the world of sports as “The Greatest.”

Training makes you great. It turns an ordinary man to an extraordinary personality. Know that good things begin to happen to you after you are done training hard in a particular field. It is for this reason that some of us scarcely believe in luck.

The more training and hard work you put into life, the luckier you become. Know that success in life is not about luck, it’s about hard work and a relentless drive for constant progress.

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