Hunted by its ugly past, Abia State PDP has resorted to false media campaign to deceive the public

By Njoku SaintJerry A.
Of a recent there appeared to be a media onslaught by agents of the frustrated leadership of Abia State Peoples Democratic Party against the quality leadership and good governance exemplified by Governor Alex Otti led Labour Party government.
One could have forgiven the ignorance of the individuals who have found pastime in crawling into every social media platform to spit garbage and discredit every good intentions of the Labour party led government of Governor Otti but when leaders in the capacity of Deputy Chairman and Acting Publicity Secretary of the opposition party in the person of Elder Abraham Amah heartily join forces with such characters that has been hell bent to continue to deceive the unsuspecting public perhaps they could distract the working government of Governor Alex Otti, duty demands that we call the attention of the general public to be extremely careful of every words spoken or written by anyone from Abia state under the platform of the umbrella party.

Do they have any genuine intentions towards the governance of the state?, have they at any time in all their 24 years in office exhibited any genuine concern towards the welfare of the people of the state especially those who work tirelessly to make sure the state continue to exist, at least I remembered for one, an uncle of mine whose pension was deliberately withheld for all through the 8 years of the past PDP administration until he died, I took it upon myself to go and look for his money only to be told his file has been closed, without a dime paid to him nor any member of the family, the widow is still alive struggling with the children while the entire money the late husband has worked for and saved totaling over N6 Million naira has been stolen when these characters deceiving the people on social media platforms in the name of oppositions held sway.

More so, cases of this nature abound under the administration of those running their mouth across all social media platform pretending to be speaking for Abia workers and the place of infrastructure projects.

Under these same characters Abia State was exposed to all forms of ridicule and humiliating situations including the construction of about 500 meters overpass at Osisioma that took 7 solid shameful years to complete not to mention academic institutions that shamefully lost its accreditation under that same PDP administration, disrupting the useful years of medical students and so many uncountable economic and social welfare atrocities committed by these characters.

Then, all of a sudden, the Abia PDP Deputy Chairman has run to the media, precisely Punch Newspapers to fool the public once again while they continue to expose their ignorance and shameful attitude towards governance.

As a hardworking government of the people, we decided not to engage in the mud with pigs. However, we consider it duty bound to call the attention of the good people of Abia to the falsehood the PDP has suddenly found sport in

Naturally, we could have permitted them to enjoy their days as the opposition party because I am certain they are going to spend donkey years in the opposition but for dragging the leadership of the party into their frustrations, this is not acceptable by us neither are we going to allow them to continue to deceive the good people of Abia state whom they have stolen so much from leaving the state in ruins which the leadership of Labour Party under the wise and focused leadership of H.E. Dr. Alex Otti has been passionately engaged in the rebuilding process from the scratch.

Take for instance the hurried interview Elder Amah, the PDP Deputy Chairman granted Punch Newspapers; he mentioned 3 things I took note of, namely; Handling of Public Servants and infrastructure projects;, 2. The sacking of 15,000 workers, and finally job creation which he lamented the Labour party government has done nothing in that regard and he is therefore ashamed.

Unfortunately, the characters of leaders that ran the affairs of PDP for all its 24 years in office do not appear like people that has any atom of shame nor self respect therefore Elder Amah inadvertently exposed himself and every member of his followers as people not to be trusted even when they appear emotional in their bid to confuse and deceive, they should never be taken serious because they have no shame.

The 15,000 workers he is talking about; is it not the same undocumented individuals smuggled into the Abia State civil service system under political patronage structure as extensive conduit of fraud and wickedness against the hardworking people of the state as the PDP caucus went on a bizarre stealing spree, paying friends, family members and concubines living in the comfort of their chosen locations outside Abia while they deprive the hardworking Abia State workers. 

The records are there in the public domain, some were living in Lagos and Abuja even overseas and drawing salaries at high volume while the hard working unsuspecting civil servants in the state suffers including my uncle who even died in the process.

Those were the ghost workers created by the Elder Abraham Amah PDP, stealing Abia people’s money through proxies and when Labour Party came in as an answer to the painful situations the hardworking people of Abia state were facing, we went for the cartel and dismantled their criminal rings. Those are the people Elder Amah and his agents has gone to the social media to defend and castigate the conscientious Labour party government of Governor Alex Otti to bring those ghosts back to work, if not for their criminal tendency and fraud, they know this is not right but as long as it fuels their greed and vanity.
However, I am happy to tell the good people of Abia that we have cut that umbilical cord of stealing in the name of political patronage and no matter how long Abraham Amah and his followers continue to sing like broken records, it’s over for PDP in Abia and its culturally inclined tendency to destroy and steal public money.

In the early days of the Labour Party administration, the Ministry of Digital Economy and SME’s under the Labour party leadership of Dr. Alex Otti provided cash incentives to about 4,000 recipients under the SME support scheme to enable small business owners get a footing in the new Abia, these are some of the money that used to be out rightly stolen in the previous PDP administrations and shared among loyalists, secondly, the recent news of an Auto Assembly plant named Roxettes Motors that has the capacity to assemble about 40,000 units of Automobiles and boasting of a job creation capacity up to 1000 youths of Abia State was made possible  because of the credibility of the Gov Otti’s led Labour party government and more in the pipeline.

More so, that accreditation that was withdrawn from the medical institutions because these same PDP rogue elements abused the value of education and destroyed everything related to quality education has been restored under this same Labour party led administration.

I have asked the same questions repeatedly and I am very certain Elder Amah and his co PDP travelers has no answer; “Is the situations in Abia today and the living standards of the people comparable during the previous locust years of PDP administration.
They are certainly not comparable as the world continue to celebrate the quality leadership Labour Party under the government of Dr. Alex Otti has brought into the New Abia

More so, One of the worse things and most debasing the leadership of Abia PDP has done recently is to begin to insert the name ‘Peter Obi’ into their gutter opposition misfortune and ascribe their so called perceived failures into what Peter Obi would have done to Nigeria under Labour Party, this is not only exposing yourself to self afflictions but taking your frustrations beyond your boundaries as Nigerians continue to rate the quality persona and principled leadership characteristics exhibited by Mr. Peter Obi over his political journey.
This is the same man the Abia state PDP led by their confused leaders is struggling to discredit and malign in their endless journey into opposition.

This is the new Abia and I would like to crave the indulgence of every supporter of quality governance in Nigeria and most importantly the South East region that anytime you read any information from the leadership of Abia PDP or its agents, be rest assured, it’s a deliberate act of shameless characters struggling to deceive the unsuspecting public perhaps to whip up sentiments for their battered self esteem earned in all their unproductive years in governance, we are busy rebuilding this God’s own state from the mess this same PDP shameless characters made of it and it can only get better.

Thank you

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