Lying to gratify our ego; Reason our religion will continue to fail the test of time

When we lie our way to the church, deceive ourselves in our prayers and fasting, cheat friends and neighbours then shout Hallelujah to assuage our religious ego of self righteousness – this is what happens

Thanksgiving Of Lies 

So I attended a friend’s Thanksgiving organised by his wife in their Church this morning.

According to his wife, my friend ‘escaped death’.

Those of us that are his friends and colleagues were all invited to come and ‘thank God and celebrate with them’.

What really happened?

The real truth. Last December, my friend’s side chic organised boys to beat him up, and seized his car.


He ‘borrowed’ some money from this girl to renew some of his expired certificates a year ago.

Since then, he hasn’t ‘gotten the time’ to even see her, and talk less of paying her the money.

So this lady has been tracking him to no avail until last January when she finally caught him, and fucked him up with some Area Cultists.

It was so serious that my friend was hospitalised for days.

Police report was made.

Armed robbers attacked him and snatched his car, was the official story.

Friends were contacted.

We raised money, pleaded and settled side chic.

In short, she was paid off.

And she returned his car.

She parked the car close to a Filling Station at Wuse 2, FCT, Abuja.

The wife was called that there’s this car that looked like theirs by one of our friends.

The wife called Pastor. 

They both went and saw their car parked on the road.

Praise thy Lord!

Fast forward to this morning Thanksgiving Service.

Pastor said that few days before the ‘robbery’ incident, God revealed it to him that kidnappers were after my friend’s life.

He fasted and prayed to avert it. It would have been worse.

Then after the ‘robbery’ incident, when he was fasting, God told him to relax. That He will set confusion amidst the robbers, and my friend will recover his car.

Pastor asked his wife, ‘Mummy didn’t I tell you”?

Mummy G O, picked up the Microphone and described how Papa saw the vision and confided in her ‘to just watch and see’.

Everything eventually happened as God told Daddy. Papa has grace!

The Church erupted. Whistles and thunderous clapping by members. Members waving their hands in worship. Shouting and jumping and dancing.

Then I couldn’t take it anymore.

I drove home angry with myself.

Now, I feel so bad and sad.

When will we stop LYING to Ourselves in this country

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