The New Abia and the folly of PDP Mercenaries deceiving Nigerians

All former cabinet members of the unpopular and shameful past of Abia state government and their new recruits are faced with only one fate; the draining of the last hope to steal which is imminent. 

By Njoku SaintJerry A / Ukoha Njoku Ukoha

John Okiyi Kalu, (JOK) former Abia State Commissioner of Information, Commissioner of Trade and Investment etc, under PDP, a shameless Abia State Politician and his cohorts has, all of sudden become advocates of good governance as they runs from one media house to the other, and across social media platforms circulating falsehood and deception to whip up acceptance of their miserable years in the political leadership of Abia state, regarded across Nigeria as one of the worst political season of Abia people – the Locust years of waste and greed.

JOK’s Hope Alive articles and essays riddled with inconsistencies, lies, and outright falsehood,  Eze Chikamnayo deceptive TV appearances and articles, and the new recruit Mr. Ekeoma Akataobi (Eks Steve) who now bears Eke O. Ako have been enmeshed in fruitless attempt to turn black into white and deceive the general public about the great turn of events in Abia state.
One thing is clear, all former cabinet members of the unpopular and shameful past of Abia state government and their new recruits and social media attack rats are faced with only one fate; the draining of the last hope left and total shut-down of the Abia state PDP by the Supreme Court which is imminent. 

More so, no amount and length of Lies, Propaganda, Baseless and Stalled Fabrications can alter the verdict of Abians on the 18th of March, 2023 when they wholeheartedly rejected the rogue political elements parading as leaders, but has brought shame, ridicule and backwardness throughout their years in politics of Abia 

Try as you might, you cannot deceive or convince Abians about what they experienced and witnessed with in the 8 years of Former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s Administration. 

Abians witnessed and experienced bad roads, non-payment of salaries and pensions, unleashing of touts on the citizenry and multiple taxation, flooded Roads and blocked drainages, pothole capital of the world, dilapidated hospitals without Doctors and other health professionals, regular strikes and industrial actions by Health workers, deaccreditation of ABSUTH and Abiapoly, coveting and selling of schools including other public open spaces, looting and plundering of public through ponzi projects like Faulks Road built with Billions only to collapse within 6 months, Osusu and Ngwa Road rebuilt without environmental impact assessment only to become pond and lake on the drop of rain, the multi Billion Ifa-Obara Flood Control that failed as it was being commissioned, planting of imaginary 10 Million Tenera Palm Trees that only existed on Billboards and Social Media Pages after incurring N2 Billion Agricultural Loan, illusionary Osikapa Abia that was planted and milled on Facebook Pages and Billboards. 

How about the Billboard and Social Media Space Enyimba Economic City Signature Project of former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu? A bubuyaya scheme tailored to use State funds to acquire and covet massive lands by the Abia PDP Emergency Billionaires and Millionaires without Enterprise. 

Abians will not forget in a hurry how their dear State was turned into a comedy and object of mockery on National media spaces. Abia stinks became a National chorus. It was torturous to access Abia State from any flank. 

A 30 minutes journey from Ikot-Ekpene to Aba, Ikot-Ekpene to Umuahia or Port-Harcourt to Aba takes hours which grossly undermined economic activities in Abia State especially in Aba, the commercial nerve centre. The nightmare of travellers to Abia State was an experience that remains evergreen in the memory of Abians and visitors alike.

 It was only in Abia PDP with their media space ‘water-tight’ Security that Abians were denied the greatest freedom; Freedom from Fear and go to bed by 8pm. 

Abia Workers, Traders, Senior Citizens, Students including Youths rejected Abia PDP with their Lies and daylight turning of blue into red. It was a unanimous verdict of the people that no amount of TV appearances to lie to Nigerians, repetitions of lengthy essays or so long an article can diminish. The 37 point tissues of lies are nothing but repetition and recycling of stalled fabrications to maintain social media visibility.

I would rather not dignify the stalled lies about completing a New Government House when the facility is not an after-life destination. The question that has remained unanswered is; why didn’t former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu complete and move into the New Government House facility in 8 years?

It would have saved JOK the embarrassment and stress of explaining in theory to Governor Alex Otti on how to live in the facility. It was common knowledge that former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu operated from his New Palatial Home built after becoming Governor of Abia State. Abia State official functions and Guest-stop was at Umuobiakwa.

Pictures don’t lie and I would not hesitate to get the pictures from the former Governor’s social media pages as a way of reminder. It is easy but not enough for agents of Abia PDP to twist the figures on Q3 Budget Expenses of Governor Alex Otti, Abians need to see Q3 Budget Expenses for 8 – 24 years of Abia PDP tenure of office to serve as a framework for comparison. 

Save the wailing! You will need it on the shut-down date.

Ukoha Njoku Ukoha Omeifuku writes from the New Abia with contributions from Njoku Jerry A. (State Publicity Secretary, Labour Party, Abia)

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