BOLA TINUBU AND THE JUDICIARY; We are responsible for and deserve what we get

“Now given Tinubu’s checkered past, what kind of role model is he? His Drug associated past? His Personal identity or Identity theft? His Age falsification? His doubtful Educational background? The list is endless”

Citizen Ray Onwaeze

Bola Tinubu haven proven himself a political thoroughbred and an accomplished leader of men, is supposed to also be a national role model for the youthful generation eagerly waiting to step in after his era in public office has phased out. And I mean in the nearest of future.

Our youths today are into Yahoo-Yahoo but so also are their role models – our politicians! By the extant electoral laws, Bola Tinubu without verifiable certificates was not supposed to be on the ballot. Somehow he got himself there and was elected Lagos Gov 1999. Tinubu obtained the gubernatorial office under false pretenses – OBT. 24yrs later he has even gone higher – the Presidency. With role models like Tinubu and associates, are we surprised at the state of the nation and our youths?

And we are partly responsible for and deserve what we get. I watched on Tv with utter dismay, as a largely literate and informed APC delegates at Eagle Square in 2022, suborned with loads of cash bypassed the erudite and articulate Prof Osinbajo, the Dr Fayemi, the Dr Akinwumi et all, to pitch camp with a man of dubious and doubtful bona fides – Tinubu. It was shameful, depressing indeed and a sad commentary on we as a people and our values!

Now given Tinubu’s checkered past, what kind of role model is he? His Drug associated past? His Personal identity or Identity theft? His Age falsification? His doubtful Educational background? The list is endless and nothing is certain about him. That he has thrived in Nigeria’s public space is an absolute indictment on our people, our laws and our law enforcement Agencies. In Nigeria anything goes. Why shouldn’t we be in this sordid mess today?

If Tinubu claims he is 71(?), then he is my contemporary. On Oct 2, 2023 – next month, I will attain age 70 by God’s Grace. So I will use my personal educational records as a private citizen, as an example to appraise Tinubu’s certificate quagmire.

My Dad, late Magistrate Raymond Onwaeze OBE, obtained a Cambridge School Certificate in Dec 1944. I have the original certificate with me.

My Dad attended University of London for his Law degree in June 1948. I have the original certificate with me. It should be noted that my Dad has been dead for 64yrs, since Dec 1959!

I, Raymond Onwaeze attended Baptist primary school Oke-Ado Ibadan for First school leaving Certificate in Dec 1964. The original is with me.

I, Raymond Onwaeze attended Loyola College Ibadan for my WASC in Dec 1970. I have the original certificate with me.

I, Raymond Onwaeze attended UNN for my First degree in June 1976. I have the original certificate with me

I, Raymond Onwaeze attended University of Leeds UK (after NYSC) for Master’s degree in June 1978. I have the original certificate with me.

On the contrary even if we are to give Tinubu benefit of doubt on his Chicago State University CSU brouhaha, what about his Primary and Secondary schools attended and certificates?

Tinubu has serially and criminally perjured himself in 1999 as Lagos Gov candidate, and also in 2003 when he listed Aroloya children school and Govt college Ibadan as schools he attended (with no certificates). Again given the scandal that followed those claims especially with no known former classmates, Tinubu then walked back those claims 23yrs later as Presidential candidate in 2022. He left the space for Primary and Secondary schools blank on his INEC form (for the same “1999-Tinubu”). Now tell me this; is it possible for anyone to attend Higher Institutions anywhere on earth without primary and secondary schools  education? What is Tinubu hiding here? Let us not be tribal, not partisan but just be honest here.😳❓

Buhari didn’t have certificates but ex classmates came to attest for him, including his former principal in military school. Tinubu’s case is clearly worse 🫢

Finally to the Chicago State University case, Tinubu’s antecedents clearly proves he is a master, consumate forger. If UNN from where I graduated in 1976 can keep records, how much more CSU in USA where Tinubu graduated in 1979 a clear 3yrs after!

For any Certified True Copy CTC to be given out, there must be a “True Copy”, an Original. The Original (1979) will not have had multiple different signatories as in Tinubu’s case. Any University worth it’s salt will have a micro-filing, e-documentation storage system like UNN my Alma mater has. CSU should clearly keep such records if UNN does for a US based institution. Resorting to giving out multiple contradictory documents as CTCs on Tinubu, is clearly criminal abetting of forgery and unacceptable!

Just look at the multiple fake degree certificates CTC, with different fonts, writing, signatories and logos – emanating from CSU on the same person Tinubu. 

The tragedy in all this is that he is not a private person or businessman like myself. But Tinubu is a serial public servant at the highest levels, presiding over the fate and affairs of over 200m people today as we speak. Everyday he spends in High Office of the Presidency is a collective indictment on all of us as a nation, both in our Laws, our Judiciary and our law enforcement agencies. It is a shame indeed, an abiding Nigerian tragedy 

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