RESET ABIA; Celebrating Abia at 32 with Alex Otti

“This 32nd anniversary of Abia as a model state will be remembered for one remarkable feat. For the first time, the event is adopting an approach to soul searching and genuine appreciation” – Njoku Jerry A

Njoku SaintJerry A.

Activities marking the 32nd anniversary of the creation of Abia state kicked off on the 25th of August with a novelty match between members of the executives of the Alex Otti led Labour party government and Honorable members of the Abia state House of Assembly.

The event which took place at the Umuahia Township stadium had the wife of the Executive governor H.E Mrs. Priscilla Otti in attendance, in an evening of light showers that ushered residents and visitors into the new Abia of friendship, renewed leadership and responsibility to the people of Abia.

One remarkable sight was the air of freedom and friendship enjoyed at the stadium, there was no spectacular cordoned VIP section with soldiers and policemen threatening anyone who, in the spirit of celebration dares to cross path with the members of the state executive council or honorable members of the State House.

The Saturday event heralded the kind of Abia and leadership the Alex Otti government is bringing on board, a leadership that is people-oriented, focused and committed to human resources and infrastructure development. 

Yes, beginning with infrastructures, it was barely 2 months into office, construction kicked off in earnest in the city of Aba commencing from Cemetery Road and delivered in speed despite the rainy season, Umuimo Road off Aba-Owerri Road follows suit and so many others in less than 100 days in office, then came in the upgrading of facilities at the Enyimba International Stadium, a model sports edifice of the state that has been left to rot over these decades of maladministration by individuals so shortsighted to understand the business of sports economy.

A people oriented government considers the health and welfare of the people first above personal comfort; this was proven when Governor Alex Otti floats the free Health insurance Scheme for all pensioners in the state, everything happening in quick succession because the man came prepared.

In the governor’s own words, the move was aimed at wiping out tears from the faces of pensioners in the state who had been subjected to untold hardship by past administrations. In line with these commendable efforts came the launch of free Medicare on two consecutive sessions by the ministry of Health under the Alex Otti government – all in less than 3 months in office.

This 32nd anniversary of Abia as a model state will be remembered for so many remarkable feats. For the first time, the event is adopting an approach to soul searching rather than self aggrandizement where group of political rogue elements come together to entertain themselves and decorate each other with garlands of unmerited awards amidst media fanfare and pomp.

Governor Alex Ott maintains his stance that he will not lead a jamboree government of vain promises and deception.
Abia people have been deceived for too long by the people who rule them, it was in the Alex Otti administration that Abians begin to discover the enormity of damage previous administration has done to the economy of the state with no documented record of fiscal responsibility both to the workforce and the state. Every activity of government shrouded in secrecy and deliberately designed to hoodwink the innocent hardworking Abians living off the crumbs from political office holders.
When the news of Ghost workers numbering in thousands went on air, Abians did not understand the impact until documents upon documents from the ministry of finance began to reveal faceless individuals under the protection of political patronage with no documented records of engagement, living off the sweat of hardworking ordinary Abians. At a time, it appears virtually everything under the administration of previous Abia state government was subject to all kinds of criminality and manipulation until 18th March 2023 when Abians rose up en-masse to reject this decades of bondage culminating into 31 years and 11 months of existence in confusion and experiential leadership.

Therefore when organizers of this year anniversary choose the theme “RESET ABIA”, it will be judicious and honorary to add “with Alex Otti” because the emergence of Alex Otti as executive governor after about a decade of intense desire to see a new and better Abia culminated into these 32nd year in celebration of the existence and freedom of Abia from political hostages, misfits and Idiots as defined by the ‘Greek’s analogy of idiots’

Nevertheless this is the year of the ‘Citizens’ as defined by the Greek’s analogy of Citizens and for the first time in 32 years Abians will go to the God who owns the state in humility for giving us such a grand victory at the polls despite the wiles and antics of the enemy, Abians will celebrate in sincerity of purpose for having such credible characters and young people in government committed to the cause of wholesome development of the state, Abians will go to God in thanksgiving and in celebration to God almighty for keeping us alive to witness the great beginning of a New Abia, RESET in our time for the citizens, residents and visitors.
Congratulations Abia and Happy Celebrations

Njoku SaintJerry A. is the state publicity secretary of Labour Part, Abia

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