ABIA: LP State Publicity Secretary replies critics of Gov. Otti’s policy

“As a people’s oriented government we are open to criticism but where some group of individuals has found a pastime in rubbishing every goodwill of this government and spreading falsehood to entertain their gullibility, it is only appropriate that I draw your attention to some clarifications.”

By Eric Mba, Chinwe Nwankwo, and Emma Asoluka
In a brief media chat hosted by the Abia state Labour Party Publicity Secretary Comrade Njoku Jerry Ajike to group of journalists that paid him a courtesy visit at the Party’s headquarters in Umuahia, he faulted those he alleged are having a field day on social media castigating policies of the Labour party led Dr. Alex Otti’s policy of merit and people oriented governance.

Mr. Njoku in his statement said; “I am aware of the efforts of those struggling on the social media to drag our great party and the people’s leader, God’s messenger, His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti to their depraved low level, I do not wish to mention any of their names, that will amount to giving those I will rather refer to as ‘E-Cockroaches’ an undue publicity. They know themselves, however and unfortunately, they do not know the caliber of the man they’re struggling to discredit and the nature of the political party they have chosen to engage in mud fight.
Labour party is not PDP. It is a party of the ordinary hardworking people of Abia state, our policies is centered on the welfare of the people and the state and not on some privileged circle of ‘money miss road’ misfits that used to parade themselves as political rulers.
Our leader, the Executive governor of Abia state, H.E Dr. Alex Otti is a disciplined administrator with stark record of fiscal prudence.

As a matter of fact, I refer to those running their mouths online against the people’s governor and the party as dissents.
Dissents represent distractions, anywhere they are found and that is the role the PDP e-cockroaches are meant to play.

I have read reports posted online by one group named Ukwa la Ngwa Consultative Forum, trying to fan embers of enmity between the good people of Abia state in what they claim to be selective probe panel that is focused only on members of previous PDP administration of Ukwa la Ngwa region.

Another group is busy circulating falsehood online regarding the payment of salaries for the month of June 2023 claiming only selected handful of workers were paid while others were summarily neglected.

Another group is busy crawling into every online forum disseminating false information causing confusion aimed to discredit the people oriented policy of  Governor Alex Otti led labour party government.

I have seen and read them shouting ‘transparency of financial dealings’ and asking questions bothering on contracts awarded on public infrastructures that were even badly damaged by this same people and its funds misappropriated or out rightly stolen by them during their active days of heist against the people of Abia state.
I have equally read the recent one they’re circulating on purchase of bullet proof Chevrolet and Landcruiser vehicles and asking of who approved what. For the benefit of doubt, our government has zero tolerance on such waste of public resources.

Naturally, every Abia state indigene has the right to ask questions regarding the governance of his state, and most importantly the Dr. Alex Otti led Labour party government is a people’s oriented government. As a people’s oriented government we are open to criticism but where some group of individuals has found a pastime in rubbishing every goodwill of this government and spreading falsehood to entertain their gullibility, it is only appropriate that I draw your attention to some clarifications.

Regarding the already paid salaries and more that are being paid out as promised by H.E. Dr. Alex Otti, If there is any Abia state worker who did not receive salaries, rest assured he is either a ghost or a thief working under the cover of the past PDP administration to rob the people, the previous PDP administration nearly wrecked havoc in the Abia state civil service including fake promotions and appointments of dead people that were earning salaries while the living are rarely paid and our government has been actively engaged in completely sanitizing the civil service structure of Abia state.

It may surprise you to lean that some pensioners who are deceased were still being paid and some group of animals in human skin were still collecting the dead pensioner’s money.

Regarding any matter related to infrastructure development of this state especially on roads, tell me what moral judgment has any member of previous PDP administration to engage the Labour Party government in such conversation. Is it for their exemplary performance or for their probity while in office – I can understand the emissaries are paid e-cockroaches doing the bid of their slave masters and as cockroaches, it is in their nature to fly in blindness and ignorance but they will continue to end up in cesspits,
And for those that has found the Ukwa la Ngwa group as a tool of political divisionism, Labour party is a government of the people of Abia state, not Old Bende, not Ukwa la Ngwa or Old and New Umuahia. It is the people of Abia state that unanimously voted Dr. Alex Otti of Labour Party into power and not any political bloc or any group of political godfathers.

This singular act of blessings and endorsement by people Abia State on His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti and Labour Party has warranted his freehand selection of members of his cabinet on sheer merit and not by any undue political influence or manipulation by any Abia state bigman hiding under political umbrella to commit evil against the ordinary people of Abia state.

We have suffered enough in this state and deserves some honor as children of God, therefore those crawling into every online forums to discredit the policies of this government especially on the welfare of the state and her citizens will only do themselves more harm as no amount of campaign of calumny anywhere in Abia state will ever bring PDP back.

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  1. Chinedum Okorie Orji

    Indeed where there is no criticism, there is no good governance. But no when it comes to sponsored & destabilizing propaganda like these ones. Pls i humbly suggest that our dedicated, focused & visionary minded governor, Dr Alex Oti shouldn’t mind these worn out & faithless critics & continue the good works for better Abia and Abians…. They are like an evil enemy(ies) who only comes to steal, destroy & to cart away dignified posterity which the people have yearned for….jisiaike Sir as i pray you shouldn’t be distracted by these hijacked & aged long wicked feeding bottled politicians… Just that they are no longer suckling or sucking from the host…. We wish you good health, more grace, favour, wisdom, peace and unity to take us to the promise land soonest…

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