When your Government is in Bed With Terrorists

By Charles Ogbu

“The capacity is there. What is missing, deliberately, I must add, is the WILL. And that is because the President has a pact with these terrorists which he is yet to reveal to the Nigerian people.

The only reason a group of terrorists with known location would brazenly abduct, kill and maim and attack security formations, Kuje prisons, the advanced security team of the President and even the Presidential Guards Brigade less than 24 hours after publicly threatening to kidnap the Commander-In-Chief himself, is not necessarily because your security agencies lack the wherewithal to fight and defeat them. Far from it! The main reason the entire country is at the mercy of those primitive simians is because both the terrorists and the govt you elected to keep you safe are on the same page.

The security problem in Nigeria is deeply rooted in OFFICIAL COLLUSION that runs right to the highest office in the land before tripling down to different organs and agencies of the govt for which this has become a money-making venture but make no mistake, the fundamental problem is at the presidency.

Deep down, you know this and I know that you know.

Those who think the President lacks the capacity to confront the terrorists are hugely mistaken.  A govt that could figuratively cross seven foreign seas and seven foreign oceans to extra-ordinarily rendition Nnamdi Kanu, a govt that staged a murderous python dance and crocodile smile in the southeast and south south respectively and simultaneously, a govt that used diplomatic channels to put Sunday Igboho on trial on a foreign soil…..it strains credulity to believe that such a govt lacks the capacity to deal with a bunch of pre-historic barbarians OPERATING WITHIN ITS OWN TERRITORY and riding on motor-cycles to carry out their evil trade. To believe this amount to conscientious idi0cy bordering on the fringes of lunacy.

The capacity is there. What is missing, deliberately, I must add, is the WILL. And that is because the President has a pact with these terrorists which he is yet to reveal to the Nigerian people. Two months ago, while parading their victims in a video, the terr0rists stated that the President knows what they want. Neither the President himself nor any of his aides has refuted this.

Those who think the fault lies solely with the security agencies are mistaken too. EVERYTHING RISES AND FALLS ON LEADERSHIP. No military can act differently from the command and body language of its Commander-In-Chief. And no military, no matter how powerful, can win a war on terror if the terr0rists they are fighting have some unexplained social intercourse with the commander-in-chief of that same military.

How can the so-called bandits ride on a long motorcycle convoy to kill, maim, abduct and still ride safely back to their camps even when we have Airforce and fighter jets and Tucano war plane??? How can they kidnap innocent Nigerians and use PHONES to call their victims family and negotiate and collect ransom running in hundreds of millions and the govt still can’t track them IN A COUNTRY WHERE EVERY PHONE LINE IS LINKED TO NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (NIN)?? Why do we even need to track them when, according to governor Nasir El-Rufai , the govt knows the location of the terr0rists and even listen in on their conversation? Has Sheik Abubakar Gumi not been visiting their camp accompanied by uniformed security operatives?

C’mmon, you don’t need Charles Ogbu to show you what is right before you. The truth is staring you in the face.

If the so called bandits are not Fuulani, do you think President Muhammadu Buhari would be treating them this way? The truth is, Buhari appears to have this intrinsic weakness when it comes to using legitimate and righteous force against any terr0rist group that shares his region and or religion no matter the enormity of their terr0rism. This is why he is giving the dreaded Boko Haram terr0rists amnesty, feeding and rehabilitating them with our common resources and paying them billions in ransom at a time the terr0r group is still visiting festival of bl00d on Nigerian civilians and servicemen alike. No govt anywhere in the world empowers terr0rists attacking his own country and govt except the Buhari govt. And this is why we are where we are today. A culture of impunity.

Ask yourself, if terrorists are emboldened enough to take the battle to your own PRESIDENTIAL guards brigade after PUBLICLY threatening to abduct the so called commander-in-chief himself, WHERE COMETH YOUR HOPE AS AN UNARMED CITIZEN??

If the Nigerian media and journalists like Channels Television, Arise News TVCnewsng , Sahara Reporters, Premium Times  TheCable , Punch Newspapers , The Nation Newspaper and indeed all Nigerians, don’t keep politics aside and start holding the govt accountable for this collusion which General T.Y Danjuma had earlier warned us about, THERE MAY BE NO 2023. At this point, only a man with an innate habit of lying to himself will argue that the Buhari govt does not have a not-so-hidden agenda against the Nigerian people.

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