Labour Party vows to rebuild Abia State

Abia State Labour Party Chairman, Hon. Kelechi Madugba vows to turn the tables in Abia State politics.
Speaking with journalists during a brief meeting at new Party Secretariat in Umuahia, the newly appointed Chairman and former cabinet member of two term governors of Abia state promises to lead a credible opposition to the long standing ruling party in Abia state

Abia State has suffered so much in the hands of individuals whom I will consider “unfortunate” to make good use of the privileges Almighty God has given them to develop this blessed region in South East Nigeria” – We want to repair that colossal damage

As a party whose membership constitute the working force and managers of resources and industry all across Nigeria and most especially in Abia State, we have observed in dismay at the damage done to this beautiful region noted for industry and commerce at all sectors and we have vowed to stop the decline and rebuild Abia State to its God given status. We have the people and the capacity to initiate and establish that change we so desire.

People keep saying Abia is a PDP state and all that, but the people are not stupid, they are very much aware of the damage this party and its leaders has caused the state and I do not think any Abia state indigene will want a repeat of this statusquo, no matter how long it has lasted, a day of judgment and reckoning is here and God has positioned us to take over the leadership and rebuild the state to its original status as center of industry and commerce in Nigeria.

We have put in place mechanisms to dislodge those considered as established party structures in the state, whom we are aware of their vain rhetoric’s that has not been able to bring any meaningful development to the state, beyond that, majority of Abia state indigene are beginning to stand up to this demand for a change and that is what we are and has vowed to do.

We are working in the background and making consultations and at the right time every Abia state indigene both at home and in the Diaspora and friends of Abia people will begin to see a movement in the right direction.
What we are doing now is a sensitization project, to get Abia state people ready for the great change that is about to happen and we are using this medium to notify all Abia state indigene both at home and in the Diaspora to join hands with us and defend justice and fair play in the governance of this great State.
We are not a new party, Labour Party has been in existence since the democratic dispensation of Nigeria and has been effective in some states and that is why we are confident in our approach to bring new ideas into governance of Abia state.