Bishop Emma Esezobor: supports young servants of God; takes a new name

“In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be removed, and be cut down, and fall; and the burden that [was] upon it shall be cut off: for the LORD hath spoken

Young and energetic Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor of Goodnews Embassy Church, Wuye, Abuja had presided over the year 2020 annual convention hosting over 20,000 guests and visitors to the four day event that ended on the 4th November 2020 with outstanding success and blessings to many that was in attendance. In company of Rev. Mrs. Cindy Esezobor, wife to the presiding Bishop and other anointed servants of God, the outcome of the year 2020 convention was beyond expectation.

Most remarkable was the Bishop blessings of many indigent visitors to the event including upcoming and young servants of God whom the Bishop honored with cash gifts and material blessings – One of such men was youth leader and pastor to Yoke Breakers Assembly, Prophet Ugokwe Cali Prince, President of Much Love Foundation and ambassador of Peace – In his word, He had come like any other invited guests but never knew it was going to mark a great turn of events of a lifetime, the Bishop had blessed him with a car gift and promised to provide support to his young ministry in Abuja.

“Bishop Emma Esezobor and Bishop Abraham Chibundu of Freedom Church International GRA, Benin

“Bishop Emma Esezobor is a lifter of men and not a destroyer” said the recipient, Pastor Ugokwe Prince, “Today I am a living witness of his magnanimity and grace of God upon his life” and I attest, God can use anybody to prove his greatness and mercy and Bishop Esezobor has been favoured by God to bless his generation.

Penultimate to the final days of the convention, Bishop Abraham Chibundu was special guest to the 2020 annual convention. With the year theme emblazoned across major posters and billboards across the city of Abuja with the caption “I overcame.”
The Bishop and General Overseer of Freedom Church International GRA, Benin and spiritual father and mentor to Bishop Emmanuel Goodnews Esezobor, led the congregation to a resounding victorious prayer session and word exposition in which he quoted the book of Isaiah 22 Verse 25. Where the Lord God almighty had promised Deliverance to all men and women from any ancient and evil nails that the wicked might had used to nail the destiny of anyone from success over life – In his words “any of such nails fastened anywhere in whatsoever category has been removed and broken this date 3rd November”

The convention birthed new partners and swelled the capacity and calling of God upon the ministry as the servant of God blessed the congregation with soul inspiring messages of hope for this generation

Blessed with a family of Bishops and Prophets, the young and senior Esezobor which include Younger brother to Bishop Emaa Esezobor, Prophet Greatness Praise and his elder brother Prophet Mike Esezobor and so many other servants of God in the prophetic ministry were all in attendance to lead the congregation to a all time new heights in a world battling with most daunting challenges of life, most especially here in Nigeria.

Bishop Chibundu, blessed the congregation and proclaimed that God revealed to him that from this date, Emma Esezobor shall be known with a new name as Bishop Emmanuel Goodnews because shall begin to follow the work of his hands, his friends and well wishers.