The Obidient Family Cooperative Society

1) *What is the Obidient Family Cooperative Society?*_

– It is an autonomous association of persons across the 774 LGA’s in Nigeria (Obident Family) united voluntarily to meet their common economic and social welfare needs.

– The cooperative functions as a self-help organisation where members pool resources for mutual benefit.

– It promotes democratic control, where each member has equal voting rights regardless of their investment.

– Members work together to achieve shared goals, enhancing their economic and social well-being.

– It focuses on providing members with services such as savings, loans, and investment opportunities tailored to their needs.

 *2) Why we need the structure as Obident Family Cooperative Society* 

– There is an urgent need to build a structured entity that is recognized by state and federal agencies in Nigeria.

– The formation of the cooperative allows for grassroots registration at the local government level, ensuring widespread legitimacy and influence.

– By creating this structure, we can build a business and more solely for the profit that benefits all its members.

– Establishing the cooperative now helps to harness the collective economic power of the Obident family, facilitating significant political and economic changes.

– The cooperative can drive local development, creating jobs and improving the standard of living in communities.

– Immediate action will solidify the foundation for long-term growth and stability, benefiting current and future generations.

*3) Why you need to engage with other Obidients as a registered member in your LGA*

• Economic Scale and Power:

  Registering as a member in your locality helps build an economy of scale based on collective numbers, enhancing purchasing power and bargaining strength.

  – The cooperative’s influence grows with each additional member, amplifying its ability to negotiate better terms and conditions for services and products.

• Political and Social Influence:

  – By joining, members contribute to the cooperative’s economic muscle, necessary for the political changes we all want for a new Nigeria, from the grassroots to the national level.

  – Active membership fosters a sense of community and shared purpose, strengthening political advocacy and social cohesion.

• Economic Emancipation and Support:

  – The cooperative promotes the economic emancipation of the Obident family in both rural and urban areas, providing a network for mutual support and growth.

  – Members benefit from networks that encourage patronage among themselves, fostering local businesses and economic self-sufficiency.

  – It creates opportunities for joint ventures, collective investments, and cooperative enterprises that benefit all members.

• Access to Financial Services:

  – Members can access loans at favourable terms to build and grow their businesses within the framework of the cooperative.

  – The cooperative provides financial education and support, helping members manage their finances more effectively.

  – It offers savings schemes, investment opportunities, and insurance services tailored to the needs of its members.

• Community Development:

  – Membership in the cooperative supports community development projects, improving infrastructure, education, and healthcare services in local areas.

  – It creates a platform for members to contribute to and benefit from local development initiatives. 

• Enhanced Quality of Life:

  – Through collective efforts, the cooperative aims to improve the quality of life for its members, providing access to better resources and opportunities.

  – It fosters a culture of mutual aid, where members support each other in times of need, ensuring social security and stability.

*_By becoming a registered member of the Obident Family Cooperative Society, individuals contribute to a powerful movement for economic, social, and political transformation, ensuring a better future for themselves and their communities

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