Abia; LP Publicity Secretary Faults APC attempt to rope the Party with the genuine demands of the Labour Union

By Chinwe Nwankwo, Iro Williams

Monday 3rd June 2024 shall remain a date that history was made when the Nigerian workers stood up to their oppressors and shut down the economy to remind political state actors wielding ultimate authorities over the lives and welfare of the regular people who constitute the economic wheel of the nation that power certainly belongs to the people.

For the umpteenth time, the Labour Union has continued to demand for nothing other than fair share of the Nigerian wealth which majority of the Nigerian populace that make up the workforce has invested their energy and blood to keep the nations running albeit under an abysmally poor wage package that has remain fixed for over a decade and do not conform with present economic realities of the nation while the political elites elected by the people to represent them in government continue to enjoy arbitrary wage increase even for doing nothing order than sitting comfortably in a serene environment to hold meetings and debates that are in most cases, rarely transmit to a better condition for the citizenry.

In a follow up response to the activities of the Labour Union, an aide of the APC led government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Mr. Bayo Onanuga condemned the actions of the workers union whom he described as ‘Supporters of Peter Obi’s Labour Party’ whom he had accused of ‘bearing grudges against the Tinubu’s administration.’

Speaking with the State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party in Abia State, the only state with a sitting governor under Labour party, Mr. Njoku Jerry Ajike, he expressed displeasure at the position of the Presidential aide at the plight of the average Nigerian worker, In his statement, Mr. Njoku said;

“Sometimes it is disturbing to listen to the opinions of those called to service in the corridors of power in Nigeria and I am not in any way surprised at the statement credited to Mr. Bayo Onanuga, he can as well do worse to justify his pay, that is what it takes to run errands for all the wrong reasons, Mr. Bayo is neither speaking for the Nigeria he claims to love nor for the citizenry who are at the harsh receiving ends of the weird propaganda and outright mismanagement of the economy and the society by a government that promises a renewed Hope that has shattered whatever is left for the Nigerian masses till date.”

“More so, it is very unfortunate to relate the genuine demands of the hardworking Nigerian workers to campaign rhetoric especially now the business of governance fully rest under your responsibility, what has mentioning the name of Mr. Peter Obi or Labour Party got to do with the suffering of the average Nigerians under the harsh bungling economic policies of APC as a political party.

“Labour Party came with the right template of a solution to Nigeria’s debilitating economic woes that were made worse by the leadership of the APC, we maintained a stand on repositioning Nigeria from a consumption economy to a Production Economy that would have propelled a boost to the conditions of the workers crying blood today under the APC government”

“We provided a solution that is completely tailored towards rescuing Nigeria from a gang of fraudsters in the corridors of power and make the country corruption free, at least to a commendable margin, more to that, the good governance that is happening in Abia State today is a testament to what Nigeria as a country would have been enjoying under a Labour party government led by Mr. Peter Obi at the center.”

“What happened, the victory of that election was willfully stolen for all the wrong reasons that brought the likes of Mr. Bayo Onanuga to the circle of power and like many actors that were horded into that circle of deception, all their activities has been focused on distracting Nigerians whenever a very important issue is brought to the burner.”

“Take for instance, within the first year in office by the APC led government, several civil actions by ordinary Nigerians has been recorded to show complete discontent and disapproval of the activities of the government in power at the center, I doubt if any of them bears political flags other than suffering and angst against the stealing and deception going in Abuja therefore Mr. Bayo Onanuga’s outburst will only succeed in continuing to exhibit their incompetence in managing the Nigeria’s economic situation which has nosedived since APC led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu came into power in their 3rd political experiment in governance.”

“I am glad the Labour union has listened to the voice of wisdom in coming to the discussion table for the umpteenth time, perhaps to assuage the sufferings of ordinary Nigerians whom are likely to bear most of the pains of that strike action and I want to believe the discussions are yielding positive outcomes.

“However the message of the ordinary Nigerians whom Labour Party represents remain sacrosanct; “Cut down the cost of governance, stop this wastes of the scare resources of the country, otherwise it is obvious the political elites populated by APC leaders do not understand this simple rule of responsibility to your people so they resort to name calling and unnecessary propaganda”

“Take a lesson from the Labour party led government of Governor Alex Otti in Abia State, the people are happy and it is evidenced from the workforce whom constitute the engines of the economic wheel of the state to the residents, the business people and artisans, the level of discontent is almost absent because the Labour party leader understand this principles of responsible leadership to your people which is a hall mark of Labour Party.”

“It makes our job easier here unlike the likes of Mr. Bayo Onanuga who continues to struggle within a conscience imprisoned in self deceit and conceit and I am very certain Labour party should be the least of their worries except they have accepted to be taught by the wisdom and leadership of Mr. Peter Obi and Governor Alex Otti on how to reposition Nigeria for a better performance”
“This is my take and I thank you.” Concluded Mr. Njoku

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