Abia; LP leader Alex Otti giving Nigeria a leadership to be proud of

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Speaking at an event in Umuahia organized by Abia State Infrastructure Mandate (AIM) the Convener of United Abia Artistes and Patriots (UAAP) and Former Universal Professional Wrestling Federation (UPWF) World Heavyweight Champion (Undefeated) Ambassador Dr. Osita Offor also known as Ultimate Commander has affirmed the leadership legacy of the Labour Party leader and Executive Governor of Abia State Dr. Alex Otti (OFR) in his first 365 days in office

Ambassador Osita, in his opening remark said; “The only tangible thing happening in leadership of Nigeria currently that is actually working is the leadership of Dr. Alex Otti in Abia State

The event which coincides with the first anniversary celebration of the Labour party government of Dr, Alex Otti and the unveiling of Abiacentric News Magazine maiden edition, had in attendance the Publisher, and Convener of Abia State Infrastructure Mandate (AIM) Dr. Odo Ijere and other prominent stakeholders in the New Abia reconstruction process.

Speaking further, Ambassador Osita said; “We are not here because we are government functionaries. We are here because we are stakeholders in the project of governance of a government that is working.”

Abia has never had a fair share of leadership among the 36 states of the federation until the emergence of Dr. Alex Otti in governance, in the time past, friends used to mock indigene of the state as people from a low rated Southeastern state until last year when the desire to demand for competent leadership that has the capacity to lead evolved and Abians rose up en-masse and changed the situation that has held them captive for over 2 decades to usher in a complete departure from the Abia of old to the New Abia.

“Today, the people who used to call us second class citizens by reason of bad leadership of previous administration that nearly ran Abia state underground have been calling repeatedly to seek my assistance because right now, they want to own properties here in Abias state,” Said Ambassador Osita.
“They want to be part of what’s going on in Abia state, and they are calling to get involved now the opportunity exists, their friends and associates want to be part of the movement going on in Nigeria by virtue of the quality leadership emanating from Abia State.” He said

If you come to Abia state today, you will find out that Gov Otti is not just a governor and a politician but a man that is committed to the call of duty for his people and a man who has adopted a transparent approach to lead his people.

In every quarter that politics is been discussed in Nigeria today, Abia State comes number one. In every social media tweet, Abia comes number one. In every investment opportunity, Abia state takes the number one position.

The government’s mission is to present leadership that is worth the people’s confidence and that is evident in every infrastructure projects and policies this government has embarked upon.

“I want to motivate everyone of us to know, whether you are from Abia State, or you live in Abia, or you are a friend of Abia people, or you even have business to do in Abia State, I want you to see yourself as part of the government of Dr. Alex Otti, I want you to see yourself as part of the government of Labour Party, I want you to see yourself as part of the government that God has decided to use to tell the world that of a truth, God still has interest in Nigeria through this God’s own state”. said Amb. Osita

Those who used to see themselves as establishments of political relevance has found out that they do not fit in the transparent leadership style of the leader of the New Abia. Gov. Alex Otti.  Most of them are already trying to find a place where they can find comfort to continue in their selfish political sojourn. 

The other day somebody was complaining on the social media platform and he wrote saying that for all the battles we did for Labour Party, what have you benefitted? But I just smiled, because it is possible some individuals would be expecting a badge of honor that proclaims you as beneficiary of government everywhere you go but that is out of it, as far as you are enjoying the dividends of good governance Whether you are placed under salary or you are not placed under salary, you are part of the good government of Governor Alex Otti.

So somebody calling you to say, what have you benefited? Tell the person, I have benefited integrity and dignity.
This was alien to Abians in the previous administration but now you have it and you respect the fact that, that pride of citizenry has been restored.
Today, as an indigene of Abia State, you can no longer go to a place and take a back seat. Once you walk into a place and you announce your presence as from Abia, automatically you send a positive signal as a member of a performing state with competent leadership, that is something to be proud of.

So those of us that think that we have not benefited from the ruling Labour Party government should not forget that if there is no security, your children will not be able to go to school. This government has provided optimum security and safety of lives that is second to None in Nigeria today.

If there is no access road, business cannot thrive. And this government has made it a priority to fix all basic infrastructures like roads for ease of access to doing business. And most importantly If there is no security in Nigeria, you cannot sleep well. So when you see a government that takes over leadership and is working very hard to make the government function effectively you should be proud to belong to such government, Said Ambassador Osita.

Only in Abia state bas kidnappers been nabbed and picked up successfully without making noise about it, on their way to run away from the country, one was picked up at the departure wing of Lagos airport while the other was picked up in the city of Port Harcourt, this was days after they had executed their criminality here in Abia State.

No other government can boast of doing such a thing. Even the Federal Government are finding it difficult to arrest the terrorists terrorizing the country. So, we are proud of ourselves. We are proud of our government. What most governors will do in four yeas, Gov Otti has executed in his first 365 days in office. Said Ambassador Osita

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