Nyesom Wike on a fast and steady decline, looses on all front

By George PH

1. Nyesom Wike is in a choke hold of the PDP.

2. Some persons led by Atiku Abubakar wants to take back the party from him.

3. But to do that, you either out spend him or cut of his source of funding – Rivers treasury.

4. So they quickly supported Sim when his feud started with wike.

5. To prove what I’ve always said about Nigerian politicians being over rated, 27 elected law makers dumped the PDP and joined APC!!! 

6. It was a most stupid decision cos that means they’ve lost their seats!!!

7. Loosing their seats would mean that wike has lost the legislature and can no longer control sim and the rivers treasury. Game check!!

8. Because they couldn’t justify their exit, and facing a constitutional expulsion, Wike ran to the president to broker a non binding truce. The mistake is done already. 

9. The people who wanted Wike out of PDP were succeeding. 

10. No matter how much Wike wanted to annoy them they refused to get annoyed. Initially, Wike did not understand why Atiku and co refused to struggle with him for the chairmanship and leadership of PDP.

11. The reason was simple, if there was any disagreement of any sort, the PDP lawmakers who decamped to APC would latch on it as a division. 

12. While Wike was rejoicing initially that Damagun was not removed and looking invincible with nobody including Atiku putting up a fight he is beginning to realize why. 

13. Sensing that Wikes game is up and with support from some stakeholders, Sim has now come out full swing. 

14. He declared the PDAPC law makers as non-existent and suddenly a new loyal speaker has emerged. He visits the legislative quarters and issues an executive order relocating the assembly sitting venue. and boom a court issues an interim order restraining the entire PDAPC lawmakers from parading themselves as such. 

15. However, Wike still has money to spend and won’t stop spending yet. But the fund source has been closed. So, he is spending his stolen savings and it must have a limit. 

16. The loyal Wike LGA chairmen have started screaming. Why? The governor has cut off funds.

17. The assembly members would soon join. 

18. Wike will have to keep sending money to these persons monthly or else his ranks will break. 

19. He has started looking for jobs for some of them in Abuja. but my brother rivers treasury is deeper than any appointment in Abuja. 

20. Unfortunately Wike has since lost his popularity but he doesn’t seem to know it. 

21. The coming days will be most interesting. 

George writes from the Hot bed of Rivers State Politics

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