APC in Lagos instigating war with the Igbo’s – Yoruba Loves the Igbos till eternity!

Oloye Agbalagbi said it all

I salute all Well-meaning Nigerians/OBIDIENT, 

Africa’s_Keshinro of Lagos is here as usual, and the best time to plant a tree of a New political system of governance in Nigeria was in 2015 and that was the year we celebrated our 100 years life- span of our stay together as one Nation but together we failed woefully by electing Confusion and Commotion (APC) in Abuja. 

And the second best time is this dispensation and don’t expect Senegalese, Zimbabwe and South Africans to come and plant for you, It is the responsibility of a Nation to separate good leaders from bad leaders because power & sovereignty belong to the people and I don’t know why you Nigerians/OBIDIENT are scared to rise up for your rights and chase away these fraudulent government of the APC before they totally ruined this country…. 

*H.E Peter Obi is the second coming of Nelson Mandela, and Let’s stand united for democracy and end the criminality structure in Nigeria today… Together to Greatness and Fear Not ! 

And for those of you who don’t know the difference between OBIDIENT and Tribe, here I come, In the OBIDIENT movement, Yoruba people are the most vocal, selflessness and patriotism in this struggle of a new Nigeria and we’ve the likes of David Hundeyin, Comrade Dele Farotimi, Oseni Rufai, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Chief Ayo Adebanjo Co-Founder of Afenifere, TENIBEGILOJU, Omotayo Williams, Dr. Ayo, Mr Tomide Ojo, Ayodele Moses, Madam Bolanle, Africa’s_Keshinro of Lagos, Sodeeq Adisa Atanda, Fisayo Soyombo, Bolanle Hundeyin who are no class bias followed by the Hausa-fulani’s, the likes of Dr Yusuf Tanko, Ibrahim H. Abdulkarim, Mallam Jabir, Mazu Safi, Dr. Dabo, Engr. Shaibu, Dan Bello, Shehu Gazali Sadiq, Peter Obi Na Kowa, who never see themselves as a tribe man and woman but OBIDIENTs… 

Some Igbo’s in Labour Party platform don’t know that OBIDIENT is not an Igbo group associated to any Nigerian tribe but a group of well-meaning Nigerians seeking for good governance, their comments under my Saturday post shows they’re real Igbo not OBIDIENT and I don’t know why some of them refused to adopt the oneness Ideas of H.E Peter Obi, Chief Sam Okpala, Hon. Mayor John Echefu, Madam Prescious Lady Chinwe, Madam Chioma Onwuemeli, Comrade Eminent and others who understand that OBIDIENT has no tribe.

Sanwo-Olu and Tinubu are not the only Yorubas in Lagos State, No ! Those (APC) instigating war with the Igbo’s in Lagos State are few in numbers, Yoruba did not hate Igbo, please and please let’s stop this saying, Africa’s_Keshinro of Lagos is a proud OBIDIENT member not Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa-fulani and this how OBIDIENT must reasons ! 

And I called the attentions of Chief Sam Okpala, Hon. Mayor John Echefu, Madam Prescious Lady Chinwe, Madam Chioma Onwuemeli, Comrade Eminent and others that understand the true definition of the OBIDIENT movement to come up with a write up and let all the Igbo’s who still believes they’re Igbo not OBIDIENT in the LP platforms to understand the vision and aims of this movement birthed by the man in the above picture known as Oloye Agbakin Abobagunwa Okwute Peter Gregory Obidient, so that this saying that Yoruba hates Igbo’s can stop. 

Yoruba have no problem with Igbo because we’re one Southern Nigeria, and if you claimed you’re OBIDIENT, No Igbo discussion, Yoruba or Hausa-fulani discussion but OBIDIENTs discussion as one body in this ongoing struggle of A New Nigeria, and let me remind you all of the last court proceedings when Atiku’s witness came to court, (Amazon Witness Service of the BVAS- IREV) he divulged the fact on the 31%votes cast on February 25th presidential election 2023, as INEC ordered to switched off the Presidential server. 

He said Obi won by a Landslide and takes all the South West state and If truly Yorubas are instigating war with the Igbo’s in Lagos state as you said, will Obi win the entire South West state and scored 968,000votes in Tinubu’s political base (Lagos State) while Tinubu scored 155,000 and Atiku scored 103,000 and as a matter of fact, Atiku came second in the south west but Tinubu came third and close to Atiku and Chief Tinubu did not have up to 2million votes across Nigeria and all this was said by Atiku’s witness (AWS). 

APC are the one instigating war with the Igbo’s not Yoruba o! 

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