Unfit and unprepared to act as opposition; Abia PDP flees, leave the party in total disarray

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

The leadership of Abia State PDP has confirmed our position when we made it known to the good people of Abia that those hiding under the umbrella party in Abia are not fit to be trusted at any point, they lacked knowledge of economic development, management of social infrastructure and administrative capacity to hold forth any leadership role in any organization and do not fit to be considered even as an opposition.
This is what they have displayed in less than a year out of power, their inability to manage and lead in positions of public interest.

Unfortunately these are the people that have held Abia captive in all its 24 locust years and have the effrontery to dare want to come back and continue from where they have left the state wrecked and ravaged. 

Take for instance, in less than 2 weeks, the announcement of the most bizarre and shameful heist against the commonwealth of the hardworking people of Abia committed by the leadership of PDP when they held sway as the ruling party and government of the day, not less than 30 stalwarts of the party including their financial backbone has fled the party. 

With more resignation letters flying across the social media platforms announcing their departure from the umbrella that gave them cover for the past 24 years of their woeful political existence in Abia, it is obvious the individuals parading as political heavyweights in Abia for the past 24 years were not even worth a featherweight but bunch of opportunists feeding fat on the ignorance and helplessness of their victims in the state, whom constitute majority of the civil servants and the young people whom they robbed naked in all their years of political irrelevance in Abia.

Only 11 months of claiming strong opposition against the ruling Labour Party government, Abia PDP is in total disarray, running away from their primary political responsibility, to join forces with other party whom has established themselves by the hook or by the crook, in their self delusion to return to power.

Of all blessings in life there is none as most fulfilling as ‘Freedom.’ This is what the New Abia represents without PDP. A Political freedom to enjoy a leadership that has brought back national pride and reopen access that was closed to business and use of social infrastructures, This is what Labour Party brought to Abia and this is the freedom the PDP rogue elements are struggling to join forces to steal and return Abia people back to their days of captivity.

Somebody asked, why are the fleeing politicians from PDP not joining the ruling Labour party to help rebuild the homeland but rather leaving to join forces with a party that is alien to the desires of Abia people, neither has APC at anytime proven to the Nigerian people that it has any dependable programme on the business of development and nation building other than acts of impunity, confusion and fraud that has taken Nigeria about 20 years backward since APC grabbed power through the backdoor, at least, the present asphyxiating economic situation in the country is a glaring evidence of what APC has to offer to anyone that fell for its deception.

Well, The answer is not farfetched; The vultures and hawks are regrouping, perhaps,  to launch back on the carcass of the state they robbed naked and ruined until the people chose to rise up in anger against them under the platform of the people’s Party, Labour Party, to chase them away and take back their homeland with the great leadership of Dr. Alex Otti, whom for the past ten years has withstood the treachery and impunity of the vultures parading in human form with one clear intent – to steal and destroy.

The good people of Abia should never be disturbed nor deterred by this moonlight flipping, witches and criminals are not known to be people of steady character, they’re either disturbing people’s precious sleep at night disrupting destinies or gathering in one obscure corner to plot mayhem. That is what the departure of those PDP featherweights represents and anybody expecting anything less is under self delusion and may God forgive you!

As people of unsteady character with no moral standing nor political will to stand in the gap for the party they claim to love so much, they do not have any hope to offer other than misery, betrayal and impunity if they can choose to run away from the party that has given them cover to loot and stupendously enrich themselves when the party need them most.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to state that the ‘decampees’ running away from their umbrella party that has given them all the political fortune and relevance to grasp the brooms are content in one truth; their crimes against Abia people will be shielded as their presence is certain to swell membership and build confidence in a political party that has only brought woes upon woes to Nigerians. They certainly have the need to crave for endorsement from anyone by the crook or by the hook and like their former National Chairman, Adams Oshiomole stated; “Join us and your crimes will be forgiven.” 

Otherwise, tell me who will trust an individual who could not manage a business left in his care, only to abandon it to collapse in less than 11 months 

Just a little shake up, entire PDP leaders are deserting the party to hide under the guise of alliance.

Nevertheless, people are free to switch parties as it suits them; however, the leadership of Abia State PDP both those holding forth and those that has ran away maintains a classic example of characters not to be trusted with leadership at any category and they have just proven it, to them everything is politics, deceive, steal, destroy, run away and come back under the guise of a savior, the people whom you have impoverished will accept you back in their helplessness and hunger.

Well, I am well convinced and I put it to every sane Abians, the Alliance you see today is the regrouping of vultures scheming to descend on Abia and lay an onslaught to destroy whatever development and good name the state has achieved under the wise leadership of labor party government led by a principled character, Dr. Alex Otti, a man prepared for the business of governance and leadership virtually in all sectors.

My good people of Abia State, Do not fall for the bait, no matter how politically balanced it is portrayed, it is an evil gathering with an ulterior motive to take you back to the days of misery and shame.

Those engaged in the moonlight flipping knows Abia people will never accept them back, for all their treachery and crime against the state, therefore, they have to look for Partners in crime to align with, perhaps to help their chances back to the table.

I want to seize this wonderful opportunity to announce to the good people of Abia once again that your chains has long been broken and your HELP has come, guard your freedom jealously and do not be deceived by the same characters you already know.

Thank you

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