LAGOS-CALABAR EXPRESSWAY; Nigeria’s White Elephant Project that leads to eternity

By Reno Omokari

Has anyone seen the full plan of the Lagos – Calabar Coastal Road?

How do they plan to maneuver the Delta and swampy lagoons of the creek of the Niger Delta coastal areas, especially the point where River Niger empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Ogidigben, Forcados, and Agge Communities?

Has anyone asked these questions?

Those are large expanse of water, can they Bridge them all?

For those who think this is a joke, Lagos is the easy part. The creeks of the Niger-Delta are a different ball game.

These are desolate and isolated virgin lands and creeks, only those who have visited these places will understand how unrealistic the coastal road project is.

The bridges that will be built in these places will be longer that 3rd mainland bridge Lagos.

They have no plan of building any coastal road there. The target is Eko Atlantic. Once they finish 47km Lagos part at whooping N1trillion to Chagoury’s Hitech, they will abandon it that is why they didn’t start at the Calabar end. There was no bid for the job, no approved EIA!

They have just packaged Eko Atlantic City phase 2 under cover of Lagos-Calabar coastal road using FG resources. When last did Hi-Tech complete any road? Even Lagos-Epe expressway they abandoned!

The Works Minister supervising the start of the Lagos end of the coastal road, is currently camped with his team at Eko Hotel owned by Chagoury. Chagoury with Tinubu happens to own Eko Atlantic City a beneficiary of the coastal road. Accidental?

Anything you see Tinubu and his Chagoury Confederate do so quickly even without an EIA, is for their own benefit. After the Lagos part of 47Km, they will ghost and abandon the project. Why didn’t they start from the Calabar end?

Look at the FG East-West road. From Lagos it runs parallel with the new Lagos-Calabar coastal road. After 25yrs it is still uncompleted and many parts are unmotorable. Last week 125 vehicles burnt on a dilapidated stretch at Eleme Rivers state.

They just want to open an avenue to loot money for 2027 campaign. If not, this money – N15trillion, can fix all the federal roads in Nigeria that are no longer motorable and has decayed. These people are heartless but again Nigerians deserve their leaders

The long road to nowhere is a misplaced priority and distraction by the questionable Government of a country in dire economic circumstances. To focus on, and fix the numerous death trap roads dotting the country is a better road effort, rather than this colossal waste of resources.

We can start preparing to go to the moon from Nigeria, and it’s a good venture, yet it’s not the project for this time, likewise this coastal road venture.

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