Aba Ma Ndi Aba!

We are Made-In-Aba Products Promotion Agency (MIAPPA).

We are grateful for your dent of hardwork, ingenuity, doggedness and commitment in leading the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) as the Japan of Africa. 

Just like, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and China of yesterday. 

If the above countries have made it from local to international, from low quality products to higher quality, we in Aba will also make it to the Top.

And NOW is that time, to advance from playing in local league to international, were you will meet Big Players, earn experience and sale your products and earn money in Dollars. 

We are committed to doing business and NOT politics with Ndi Aba.

 MIAPPA, will help you in the following areas to advance your businesses:

● Increase the quality of your products. 

● Advance finishing of your Products 

● Packaging your Products. 

● Marketing your Products. 

● Showcasing your Products to the global marketplace. 

And you will earn Dollars.

We Are Here in the City Center of Enyimba for You.

Visit us @ No. 62 Faulks Rd, City Traders House, 4th Floor, Front Flat, Opp. BTC. Aba, Abia State-Nigeria

Website: made-in-abaproducts.com

Email: madeinabaproducts@gmail.com

WhatsApp: 234-803-338-5155




Made-In-Aba Products. 


Made-In-Aba Products 

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Made-In-Aba Products. 


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