Labour Party celebrates Workers in Abia, commends Gov. Otti list of priorities

Njoku SaintJerry A.

On behalf of the State Working Committee,(SWC) the Abia State chapter of Labour Party, Nigeria celebrate with workers in the state for their sacrifices and commitment to ensure that a credible government that has genuine interest and takes workers welfare as a top priority is put in place

All over of the country, today marks that special day among the working class of the citizenry to celebrate their place in the economic wheel of the state

It is a reality we cannot afford to cloak with sweet refrain that there is hardship in the country and workers are under the heavy burden of unwarranted increases that could have been avoided or controlled under a people’s oriented policy that consider the welfare of the people who sustain the economic cycle of the state as a priority

We want to seize this medium to encourage workers in Abia state to keep hope alive because the Labour party government under the wise leadership of H.E. Gov. Alex Otti has the administrative capacity and passion to put the workers in their rightful place as partners in the rebuilding of the New Abia

If you check the Logo of the Labour Party, you will  see the image of a wheel and a family, this is a clear picture to indicate that the Labour Party clearly represent the workers in the wheel of industry and commerce in the state and cares for the families across the federation, which is the backbone of any working economy.
Therefore, ignoring them at any level is to the detriment of any government in place and from all indications we can tell ourselves the truth that this government led by our humble leader and God’s servant has not relented from giving the civil servants and every working individual in the state that space of belonging and the right to enjoy the fruit of their hard Labour.

We are all aware, this was not obtainable in the past and we saw how such level of negligence brought Abia state and its workforce to disrepute. 

Everything was completely abandoned to political manipulation by individuals who do not posses that deep knowledge of economic wheel and how it operates; they abandoned the workers including pensioners to an ugly situation.

Today, this government has beautified that ugliness that pervaded entire Abia state working class including age old pensioners by keeping to its promise of prompt payment of salaries, payment of all outstanding arrears owed pensioners to the tune of about N10 billion Naira covering about 12,000 pensioners and more to come!

We are aware of feelers and complains from several angles including those acting as oppositions regarding the wholesome payment of pension arrears and salaries to workers, be rest assured that the leadership of this great party is very committed to its campaign promises and the people’s governor H.E. Alex Otti (OFR) is a very meticulous person when it comes to probity and people to people relationship especially where it deals with figures.

Unless you are an insider, you may not understand the enormity of damage previous political state actors left of this God’s own State. It was so awfully bad and Labour party leader should be commended for their sincerity in bringing Abia and its workers out of that gloom of yesterday.

However, no matter the level of challenges, this government has not failed nor relented in making sure that the blessings and benefits of good governance reaches out to every worker in the state.

Do not allow many of these detractors acting as “Mr. Know it all” to deceive you, this is the same people that hailed previous government to high heavens despite their woeful performance and maltreatment of workers especially aged pensioners.
Rest assured, the labor party government led by H.E. Gov Alex Otti (OFR) came well prepared and very intentional about the welfare of the people he is governing

This government has designed many quality programs through office of the Cooperatives Society that are targeted at improving the welfare of workers and small scale business owners including farmers in the state, all you need to do is connect to the workings of the government and the party to know where you stand a good chance to enjoy many of the benefits this government has put in place for the workers 

This is a government that believes in wealth creation and spreading wealth to everyone in the circle and the workers remain top in the list

Only a government of conscientious leadership will take this bold step to put the welfare of workers, their families and the environment in which they operate as a top priority.
This is evidenced across the rural urban communities where our leader has flagged off construction of link roads that was literally abandoned for decades destroying businesses and impoverishing the hard working people of the state including disconnecting people from their farmlands because the roads were abandoned to grow into forests

To all workers and business owners in the state, Labour Party celebrates you for your resilience and commitment to this government and I am very confident to reveal to you that this is your morning, with the existence of Labour government in Abia State under the leadership of the people’s governor H.E. Dr. Alex Otti, (OFR) the future is beautiful for all workers in Abia State
Thank you

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