Hunted by its sordid past, opposition party, Abia PDP gone defensive

By Njoku SaintJerry A

Leadership of the Abia state PDP continue to make futile attempts to fit in as opposition party as they go defensive struggling to extricate themselves from an image embroidered in incompetence, deception and fraud.

In the early days of the emergence of Abia state PDP as opposition party,
I remembered the free counsel offered to the leadership of the party by the Special Adviser on Media to the Executive Governor of the New Abia, comrade Ferdinand EKEOMA. In that piece of counsel, he had cautioned the notorious PDP town criers to tread with caution because the business of opposition is not a 7 days assignment.

As would be expected of outlaws that takes pride in their ignorance, the Abia State PDP threw caution to the wind and were busy hauling insults and dishing out pepper soup house propaganda to deceive the public with their chicken tales
Today, I am glad to announce to the good people of Abia that the People’s Democratic party (PDP) in Abia state has collapsed their acclaimed role as Opposition party to assume new assignment as bunch of defense cadets in the ministry of defense.

This new position would have served a good cause if there’s any need for such roles in the New Abia, unfortunately the ruling Labour Party government under the wise leadership of H.E, Dr. Alex Otti has provided enough security measures to combat any kind of invasion by strangers to the new Abia, both political and in the economy

Therefore, PDP in Abia State, having outlived their usefulness as opposition party has resorted to mudslinging and sand fight, perhaps engaging in such fits of tantrums could win them any sympathy or bring them back to Abia politics

Unfortunately, I do not see any responsible indigene of Abia state taking the party and its loudmouths serious as they go defensive in virtually every aspect of their woeful performance during their time in governance

Perhaps it will serve this time to counsel the remaining members of the acclaimed opposition party clinging on the tail of a snake for hope of survival, that being in the business of oppositions as a political party is not for puppets and pawns who have outlived their usefulness as proxies neither is it the business of Hallelujah boys in adult body who have found a new pastime announcing their presence on social media as former this and that Commissioner.

Those among members of the PDP cult of blind-guards whom have been courageous enough to face the reality of the time have deserted the party and moved on while the notorious and shameless fellows who take pride in their ignorance and criminality against this God’s own state continue to flaunt their gullibility across the social media perhaps to whip up sentiments in falsehood.

Fortunately, the people of Abia state appears to be wiser today and do certainly knows the enemies of their homeland rather than give attention to emotional outbursts of a thief caught with his hand right deep into the pot of soup, instead of the thief to beg for forgiveness, the thief is busy crying he was hungry and the pot of soup was left uncovered.

This is the current situation of PDP in Abia State today, however, It’s interesting to note that for every matter the PDP had gone on air with the intent to bring ridicule to the hardworking people’s governor and the leadership of Labour Party they only succeed in admitting their culpability in crime and impunity against the good people of Abia who tolerated their criminal behaviors and miserable administrative handling

Abians are asking the rogue elements who took the state to the garbage dump in their 24 years of administrative recklessness, to provide the N107 billions they stole in the name of building all the Media hyped non-existent projects including the Okezie Ikpeazu invisible International Airport and other fake projects that could not be located anywhere after contract book has been closed and all the argument they could come up with is, it is not up to N107 billion, we were not duly served the audit report, then produce your own and tell us how much exactly it is you stole and where you kept the rest.

Let this be known to the general public that for all the defense the PDP and its rogue elements continue to churn out on social media to whip up sentiments, Abia people are only interested in one thing and that is, getting their money back from the criminal gangs that once bastardized governance in the state.

And no matter the level of distractive tactics employed by their spokesperson and a certain John Okiyi Kalu, at the appropriate time, all the details of how the stolen money was transferred across those rogue elements and who approved what will be duly served to the public, there is no amount of grandstanding and speaking of English by those loudmouths that will dissuade the government of Labour Party under the leadership of the peoples governor Alex Otti from doing what is right for Abia

What has Abians got to do with the acclaimed 201 roads built by Okezie Ikpeazu, which only appeared on giant billboards including the world class Abia Diagnostic Center, that could not treat ordinary malaria.

For the records, Only about 5% of the theft that took place during the Okezie Ikpeazu 8 years of woeful performance have been uncovered and the PDP loudmouths have been running from pillar to posts crying foul, What happens to your Made in Aba Shoe Industry and so many Media hyped Projects executed by the Kinetic Former Governor while Abia stinks and poverty of its workforce were at all time in the news so much that medical colleges were shut down because it falls short of standards in every aspect and could not stand for accreditation by any sane government.

Abia State was ranked low virtually in all development index throughout the 24 years of infamy and Shame of PDP yet these men had the temerity to go on air to defend their sordid past that is not worth a discussion among sane people

It is obvious, PDP in Abia State today do not stand a minute chance as Opposition Party for all their 8 plus 16 years of miserable ruling status as ruling party.
Be rest assured, you will remain in the garbage you created for yourself in Abia, more so, if the PDP had any common sense in governance and knowledge of how the economy functions, perhaps they wouldn’t have found themselves in the Abia state history book of infamy as one of the worst examples of group of people never to come into governance.

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