‘Ottinomics:’ Governance, economy and politics, Abia LP leader wields a firm control

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

At the Washington DC presentation, the Governor of Abia State, H.E. Alex Otti reiterated his strong stance on building a viable state economy. 

He said and I quote; 

“I have repeatedly mentioned that tax revenue simply represents government share of the prosperity it helped to create. The logic here is that it is irrational to seek to earn significant tax revenue when the economic window is too narrow because you cannot tax idle people or expect to make returns from idle resources”

I was at the campaigns throughout the electoral season as we toured communities across the 17 LGA’s in the state, I remembered vividly this was one of the recurrent slogans of the man destiny has positioned to lead Abia state out of the dysfunctional administrative system and economic gloom, Otti will throw that rhetoric question; “When you owe the people, when you withheld the people’s means of economic sustenance, how do you expect them to perform in the economic cycle of the state” – this remains one of the hardest questions previous Abia state political actors for the past 24 years could not provide answers. 

Every activities of previous government was centered on political stakeholders whom were feeding fat off the people’s means of sustenance to the detriment of the state at virtually all corners until the citizenry choose to revolt through the ballot box.

Then emerged Alex Otti by popular decision of the people, the victory dance, the excitement and the shout of freedom posits a future of a new Economics of management of people and their resources for the benefit of the state – the Ottinomics’ – that will be named after the man that has consistently pursued an overhaul of Nigeria’s political and economic administration beginning from the states 

Political and Economic researchers are certain to have a field day to unravel this new wave of political dispensation made popular by the Alex Otti administration – a government by the citizenry and for the citizens, a government of conscientious men and women committed to the cause of development of their communities, a government who understands the need to open up the rural communities connecting to the urban centers and provide incentives for their own people to function in the business of governance. That is ‘Ottinomics’ a new brand of politics, Nigerian state actors would have to sincerely engage themselves in for any meaningful development to take place in any part of the Nigerian state.

At the Washington DC, JHU event center, Gov. Otti re-echoed the message to the audience enrapt with the wisdom of the new Nigerian leader and his brand of politics; 

He said; “We can achieve more if we develop a culture of having our most accomplished men take part in politics beginning from selection of candidates for offices across the various political parties.” 

A friend of mine sited at the event called and said; “It appears this man has got everything under control” except for the investors, how can I help.

Unlike the common practice of Nigerian political rulers embarking on jamboree trips overseas under the guise of seeking for investors, Gov Otti had spent the first 11 months of his 4 year administration fixing a state he met in total disrepair, poor governance, and chaotic administrative system with over bloated idling staffers across virtually all the government facilities, collecting wages for just singing the praise of a dysfunctional government in power. 

An average Nigerian politician will, perhaps spend these length of time complaining on national TV how previous administrations has left the state ungovernable then perhaps begin to run from Abuja to Dubai in self deceit under the guise of seeking for foreign investment that will naturally come only if the leadership puts the environment in order and make it investment ready. 

This is what the Alex Otti government has done, fixing infrastructure deficit, organizing a functional administrative system void of partisan politics and building a community of selfless individuals sincere and committed to the rebuilding process of the New Abia. If you visit Abia today, the evidence of a people committed to see their state work will be overwhelming.

As a political office holder, we have had issues where you will think the governor is going to react in a manner common to Nigeria political leaders then he will emerge with a gesture advocating for harmony and orderliness so much that if you had come to the meeting boiling with anger and petitions, you will leave his presence in peace and educated on the brand of “Ottinomics Politics’ at work.

The ‘Ottinomics Politics’ stated that “To make states work, all stakeholders must get involved” 

This is where the labour party principle of People oriented policy comes into play. Every member of the working population has a stake in how the governance and administration of his state should flow; there is a channel of relationship that is structurally designed to make every member of the party function in the success of the state and the party, from top to bottom and where there is a breach, the governor has never failed to show you that he has a firm control over those tasks that appear herculean and the party has enjoyed a relative peace and wise guidance under his leadership.

One of the major challenges and a political disease eating deep the hearts of Nigeria and the citizenry is the loss of hope in the system and the leadership even among the elites. 

People do not believe in the country anymore, However Abia State under the leadership of the Labour Party leader, Gov. Alex Otti appeared to have broken this jinx of loss of confidence in the system even the Federal government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu attested to this. 

It must be stated in clear terms that any leader who sincerely adopts the “Ottinomics’ principles of people, their welfare and a functional environment is certain to achieve success in governance. This is a reality perhaps Nigerian political state actors continue to ignore; you cannot record any clear and outstanding success in governance or in any administrations unless you are sincerely committed to the cause of a people-oriented policy and nation building.

I have sat with individuals who have repeatedly boasted of their exploits in the Nigerian politics, you will hear them make claims like; “I am a politician to the core,” “I am this and that in politics” and I have gone back to study their background in social services only to find out these are individuals whose interest in the Nigerian brand of politics is only influenced by their pot belly, fancy dresses and exotic cars, their participation in the politics has not in any way influenced the development of their state nor communities.

Inline with the political principle of “Ottinomics ”There is the urgent need to evolve a new philosophy of politics and leadership in Nigeria, one that the intent is on serving the general population with sincerity.” This is what the Alex Otti government has continued to exhibit and the world of investors seeks for such leaders of honesty of purpose to partner with. 

I must state here that it is that sincerity of purpose and character traits of Gov. Otti and the national leader of the Labour Party Mr. Peter Obi that has influenced many to join politics because their presence resuscitated among the citizenry the zeal to take interest in the politics of the state – their involvement made many young people to reject the previous docile and sycophantic followership, a common feature in Abia state that made the former state actors take the citizenry for granted.

As we continue in the journey of the New Abia, The ‘Ottinomics’ brand will continue to evolve as a new political thinking that is worth investing time, energy and resources on for more rewarding leadership and people oriented governance

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