Abia LP leader, Gov Otti giving Nigeria a Positive image – FG

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

In a statement issued during the visit of the Management Team of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) led by the Managing Director and CEO, Rt. Hon. Oyetunde Ojo, to the Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti in his Nvosi residence, Hon. Ojo disclosed to the audience and newsmen in attendance what the President, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu said of the Abia new leader. He told Governor Otti that the president said that he is one of those giving Nigeria a Positive image abroad

It is commendable that the FG is taking cognizance of what is happening in Abia state, this is what happens where the leader deliberately ignores the distraction of a group of failures pretending to be in the opposition but lacks the capacity or the integrity to stand in the gap therefore they resort to blackmailing and false propaganda to deceive the unsuspecting public. This message from President Tinubu to our leader, H.E. Governor Alex Otti (OFR) is a reassurance that we are in the right path with the FG irrespective of political party affiliations  

More so, this is evidenced by the line-up of visits by foreign organizations and business owners including Taiwanese Auto tyre manufacturers, Chinese Steel Companies, European Agro based companies, UN Habitat Team and a group named State Of African Diasporas (SOAD) and more, who have heard the news of the New Abia and have decided to be among the first to gain a foothold across the state to build industries and improve quality of lifestyles and infrastructures in the state.

Before now, Abia was and remains a virgin land, luscious forest farmlands, connecting to about 7 South eastern states, enterprising and creative young people and one of the most secured South Eastern state,

Credits to the infamous former political rulers of the state that virtually abandoned the region to fate and resorted to media manipulation of what do not exists under the influence of political propaganda using the defunct Abia state PDP as a tool of leadership experiment before H.E. Alex Otti, our leader and the people’s governor came with a clear template and foresight of a rebuilding process that will not only shame the former occupants of Abia State government House but will bring back many that were scared away by the poor leadership culture and criminal impunity the Abia state PDP had instituted over the years.

Since assumption of office, the Labour Party Leader has not for once relented in his effort to redefine leadership under the Labour party principle of ‘the People first, their Welfare and the Environment’, “Governance should be about the people,” said Gov Otti, “If you are serving the people and they are not happy, then you are not serving them” He concluded.

In addition to accommodate the lineup of foreign investments that has indicated impressive interest in the New Abia, the Otti led Labour party government has set out plans to revitalize Osisioma Industrial Layout, Aba, this is in addition to the ongoing development projects in the Abia Industrial Innovation Park (AIIP) and other industrial layouts that are scheduled to emerge across the state including the State Of African Diaspora Smart City and Ohafia Agro Industrial Park under discussion.

One unique thing about Labour party and the leadership of the party that has distinct us in Abia state is focus and determination, this has helped our leader, the People’s governor to achieve so much more within the shortest time frame and without the distraction of individuals acting as oppositions but do not possess the capacity to sustain what it takes to act as opposition and we are going to achieve so much more in the coming months.

First time I visited the city of Aba and Umuahia as a Diaspora leader after many years abroad, I saw a region that has the capacity to match with Lagos both in IGR, industry and resilience of the people to make positive impact, except, perhaps the absence of a coastal port. I and many others wrote extensively and held several meetings including visiting foreign bodies to consider the strategic position of the South East center of commerce and SME Hub in Aba. Unfortunately it never materialized due to the poor foresight of the men occupying the political leadership positions at that time.

Today, all that is history as Abia takes center stage and front page headline news on a leadership revolution Nigeria and the south east desired so much although it continued to elude them.
Recently, the Governor announced the construction of Modern Bus Terminal in Umuahia to enhance the esthetics of the city and ensure a level of sanity in the transport sector, beyond that, Abia is so inter-connected so much that some journeys won’t take more than an hour between the rural communities and urban centers to commute both people, goods and services to nearby state including Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom and Calabar. Take for instance, one of the activities that makes Lagos thick is its transportation, it is so inter-connected that you can literally travel round the state on a good day. This is what the Labour Party Leader, Governor Alex Otti is about to replicate in the state and a whole lot more that is going to make Abia state as one of the most investment friendly state in Nigeria.

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