Abia; LP leader, Alex Otti brings the security menace in SE under control

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

In Labour Party, What we have come to do is to set the pace for the kind of leadership the South and Nigeria deserve, A conscientious leadership that is committed to safeguard lives, business and properties of the residents and visitors to the state, a leadership that is exemplified by your works and character and not by mere media antics, deception and braggadocios display of power, anybody can achieve the kind of results we have achieved in Abia State on one condition – When the leader expresses ultimate regard for his people and his homeland, he will go an extra mile to provide security and welfare for the people that runs the engine of the economy. That is what the leadership of Labour party entails and that is what our leader, Governor Alex Otti is doing and that is what we are giving to the people and entire South East, building a safe region for business and residence.

During the inaugural ceremony of Abia State Orientation Agency and the 32nd anniversary of the creation of Abia State under the leadership of the man referred to as the People’s governor H.E. Dr. Alex Otti, .it was not a coincidence that the organisers carefully chose the theme ‘Pushing the Reset Button’ rather it was a meticulous choice of a theme for a rebuilding process that was about to happen in the state for all its over 24 years existence under political manipulation and leadership experiment.

From the security situations, to the people’s welfare, infrastructure and policies of a working government, the ‘Abia Reset’ have been adjudged to be living up to expectation with the recent statement from the state on how a group of criminals that wanted to replicate the sordid experience of the dismantled Lokpanta axis of crime when they kidnapped Abia State University Deputy Vice Chancellor, reminding the state of its troubling past as they demanded huge ransom from his families.

When the sad news spread across the social media, the Abia state security formation did not bait an eye or resort to social media charade of fortuitous chase of criminals’ codenamed bandits rather the state under the leadership of its wise governor, the labour party leader Dr. Alex Otti employed the much coveted tactics of crime busters, intense investigation, surveillance and fencing and without making noise about its security architecture, the team rounded off all suspects picking up the leader of the gang at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) on his way to Turkey and his accomplice in Port Harcourt.

“We take security very serious in Abia State using modern tools and systems,” Said Gov. Alex Otti during a media briefing. The journalist would like to know more but that is not the business of security operatives, to disclose its tactics, forget the ubiquitous EFCC trials and DSS hunts of Cross Dressers and Yahooligans on social media. It is relatively easy to combat crime and bring peace and sanity to your environment, once the leader is committed to its responsibilities in governance. That is what Abia State is doing under the people’s governor Dr. Alex Otti and we mean business.

I remembered Lokpanta, here in Abia, where it appeared criminals have built a safe haven under the guise of cattle rearing business, the Special adviser to the governor on Security, Navy Commander Macdonald Ubah (rtd.) led a team of crack security operatives that dismantled a booming deadly criminal business of kidnapping, ritual killing and cannibalism.
The business appeared to have existed or tolerated by previous leaders of Abia, perhaps for political patronage for years but when Gov. Alex Otti pushed the ‘Abia Reset Button; he pushed very hard until not one hideouts for criminals is left in Abia State today.

In the past Lokpanta was regularly in the news for everything negative and referred to as an axis of fear and evil, the thought of driving through the route was always in heightened apprehension until the people’s governor came hard upon those giving the state a bad name.
it’s unfortunate how animal rearing business have become associated to adverse criminality including kidnapping for ransom under the guise of herding therefore when the cattle dealers at the Lokpanta cattle market, a region that once posed a security risk were told it will be no longer business as usual, they feigned defiance and even took the state government to court.

Today, there’s a high wall being constructed across the entire space of land harboring the cattle dealers, a onetime criminal enclave has been brought down, fenced and guarded by every means of technology and human wisdom required of men and women in the corridors of leadership creating a One way in, One way out circuit control system of a onetime notorious public facility. This is the kind of leadership found in Abia State today and it cuts across all spheres of governance and extending to other neighboring South Eastern States.

Abia is safe for business and residence today because the government in place took its policies on security as a priority. The business of security is not a social media affair rather every technology, human wisdom and sincerity of purpose have been employed to make sure the promise of a safe and secure homeland for business and residence promised the people of Abia state by the Alex Otti led Labour party government is fulfilled.

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