Abia PDP finally collapsed into APC, Never to rise again


They say, campaign is over and we are now in the business of governance.

That statement will suffice if the opposition has the capacity and wisdom to sustain the art of checks and balances and proffer solution that may be useful to the ruling party. Unfortunately those in the opposition in Abia State today, do not appear to posses such mental capacity because they were never groomed in the knowledge of organized administrative competence and leadership. What they don’t’ have and never had, they cannot give.

During the campaign and off campaign season, the rejected members of the defunct Abia state PDP were running around courting for trouble in several courts of law filling cases across the country to upturn justice and steal what is not theirs.

I remembered vividly the promise, we at Labour Party and the good people of Abia gave them reminding them of the total collapse of PDP in Abia state after that epoch election.

Today I am glad to see the fulfillment of that promise as I read and watch the quick descent of the PDP rogue elements that once held Abia state down in filth, decay and rendering the state economically backward until the emergence of God’s servant and the people’s governor, H.E. Dr, Alex Otti, under the platform of the people’s party, Labour Party.

The good people of Abia state in solidarity with their party, Labour Party and the great leader of the New Abia has never for one day relented in keeping to their promise of rebuilding this great homeland of industry, commerce and most creative people in the South of Nigeria

And most importantly, the declaration of those PDP elements to leave their most cherished party of over 24 years to join APC, despite its woeful political experiments in Abia state has affirmed our promise to chase away unproductive political rogue elements from the New Abia to political oblivion.

Whether they join the ruling APC government at the center or whether they chose to align with any political party of interest, they are at liberty to do so but to ever nurse the intention to come back to the governance and politics of Abia state to take us back to the dirty old days of criminality in government, laziness and fraud, this will be the last thing the good people of Abia state will condone from those political bandits and liabilities we have chased away from the New Abia.
Let nobody be deceived, the people of Abia are wiser and smarter and committed to the rebuilding process led by the labour party leader and God’s servant Dr. Alex Otti.

The new Abia is committed to the doctrine of Labour Party and that is continuous and focused investment in the wheel of Labour and productivity which is the people, their welfare and the environment they thrived on, which these same political rogue elements jumping from their former torn umbrella party to another has destroyed in all their political sojourn in Abia State.

My good people do not be deceived, they neither love APC as a political party nor ever wish Abia people any good, their sole intention is well known and that is to seek for any loophole to safeguard their ulterior intent to crawl back into the governance of Abia state. And I asked; to do what exactly?

The good people of Abia and all lovers of the new Abia led by God’s servant H.E. Dr. Alex Otti that is making us all proud should take note of these old and rejected political liabilities.

They do not and never at any time meant well for the people and our homeland Abia State but have run to APC to seek for accomplices to continue to steal and destroy God ‘s own state for their selfish interest and poverty of the soul.

Do not be deceived by their sugar coated tongue. it is the tongue of an asp, very poisonous and not fit to be admitted into the new Abia of our hope at anytime

Going forward, the people’s party, Labour Party remains committed to the great rebuilding process ongoing in our homeland today and our leader, your governor Dr. Alex Otti is leaving no stone unturned to make sure we remain the best in leadership and Infrastructure development south east of Nigeria.
As we say in Labour Party, Froward Ever and backward Never!
And that shall remain the focus of the new Abia
Thank you

Njoku Jerry A.
State Publicity Secretary, Labour Party, Abia

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