Peter Obi’s Tribute to Hope – a Nigeria re-awakening

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 election, reflected on the anniversary of the election on Sunday, expressing determination in his ongoing journey towards a better Nigeria

Addressing attendees at the “Redefining Our Options and Consolidating Our Legacies” event organized by Obidient Support Groups in Abuja, Obi titled his speech “Tribute to Hope”.

During his speech, he acknowledged the unwavering support and solidarity of Nigerians who backed his campaign and expressed gratitude for their faith.

Obi also recognized the patriotism and freedom of choice exercised by those who did not support or vote for him, commending their courage and resilience.

“Together, we made the courageous statement that a new, more prosperous, more united Nigeria is not only possible but also within reach of all Nigerians.

“You braved the odds, you defied the pessimism of naysayers, you made incredible sacrifices and clung to the stubborn belief that this land is our country and that its future is ours to shape for our common good and the good of posterity,” he said.

“Looking back at what happened at the election and the situation in the country today, we were correct in saying that the old ways of politics should give way to a new progressive Nigeria.

“In the twelve months since that election, most of the fears we expressed for our nation if we went the way of the old politics have come to haunt us in frightening forms.

“We may have lost an election, but we have won a moral victory of epic proportions. All the worst fears that we warned might happen have all been playing out.

“Our national economy has been driven into perhaps the worst state in all of our national life. The population of those classified as multi-dimensionally poor has climbed astronomically to over 80% of our population.

“Similarly, unemployment is galloping, for a predominantly youthful population, this scenario is dire and frighteningly dangerous. The hunger protests have united our people across ethnicity, language, region, faith, and location.

“This is another confirmation of our belief that Nigerians are united by the circumstances of their living conditions, not by artificial barriers raised by opportunistic politicians. We are now one people under hunger.

“Just yesterday, I read with sadness the reports of how a massive crowd besieged the Zonal Office of the Nigerian Customs in Yaba to purchase the discounted 25 kg of rice offered by the Customs Service.

“In the course of the heavy stampede that ensued, some lives were lost. It is heartbreaking to think that despite all the wealth of our nation, Nigerians are losing their lives in their desperate quest to buy food cheaper, in the face of the growing hunger and starvation in the country.”

Obi noted the patriotism of Nigerians even in the face of daunting challenges, saying, “Wherever I have gone all over Nigeria, North, and South, I have been struck by the reality of poverty, deprivation, and suffering, sometimes written boldly on the faces of people.

“Yet, the beauty of our people remains the optimism in their Nigerian identity and the hope they all cherish for the future of our country. None of the poor people that I have encountered has ever wished they were not Nigerians. On the contrary, the consensus among them is that Nigeria is a good place ruled mostly by bad leaders.”

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Obi extended a message of hope to all Nigerians, particularly his supporters, affirming, “Despite the challenges and setbacks we face as a nation, I want to reassure our supporters and fellow citizens that our resolve and optimism in the vision of a New Nigeria, which we passionately pursued a year ago, remain unshaken by our current trials.

“And nothing has happened to discourage my resolve or optimism about the goals we fought for. A greater, more compassionate, more prosperous, and more equitable New Nigeria is possible.”

Peter Obi finally saluted the courage of the Obidients and reassured them that there was no looking back in the journey to rescue Nigeria.

“For me, the journey to a better Nigeria has just begun. It is a life-long journey. On that journey, despair is not an option. Surrender is not a choice. Failure is not even a remote possibility. The nation has heard us.

“The youths have carried the mantle of changing their destiny and the direction of our country. They cannot wait to take back their country from those who regard national leadership as a criminal racket,” he stated.

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