Foundational issues behind the hunger, joblessness and poverty in Nigeria

Nigeria needs something strongly and aggressively deviated from what they have in terms of leadership and not just “its my turn” politicians.


I really wished we could savour this sweet victory for much longer but now ebin n pa wa… hunger dey beat us badly.

While our victory today has given us a temporary relief, but having expended our blood glucose shouting goooalll and dancing over our deserved victory, we feel the pangs of hunger…. ebin n pa wa

Oh the sadness of our sad realities is gradually creeping in as the sweet taste of victory is been replaced by the terrifying realities that we need to eat and do not have foods… it is ebin n pa wa yet again.

So today I want to look at the foundational issues behind our hunger, joblessness and poverty in Nigeria.

It is lack of POWER to propel our economy on to growth and prosperity for all.

So until Nigeria fixes the power generation problem we are not going to make any sustainable progress; we wont be industrialized, the few struggling industries will either close down or relocate, we will have no jobs, poverty will remain pervasive in our land birthing insecurity and manners of criminality and of course our currency can never be strong because we will remain import dependent.

Power is at the foundation of our backwardness. Just check out how far below we are relative to where we ought to be.

Power Generation by Countries

China. 5,682,000,000MW
USA. 4,324,000,000MW
India. 1,368,000,000MW
Japan. 995,000,000MW
UK. 338,000,000MW
Egypt 59,063MW
S.Africa 58,095MW
Nigeria. 5,000MW
Kenya 3,300MW

My take:

Nigeria is a dark nation with leaders who are morally retarded, bankrupt in vision and with frozen sense of patriotism. We are rhetorical about this all important and crucial aspect of our national life.

Nigeria is a very poor country because out of years of leadership lethargy and laziness, we’ve surrendered our economic well-being to a minute portion of our vast resources and endowments.

We handed over our oil exploration to outsiders who explore and share proceeds with us, so this country has been on auto pilot where our leaders do nothing except to get proceeds monthly and share, then borrow where there is deficit. So we don’t have leaders who can generate fresh values aside from existing revenue streams, and this has happened for decades.

A nation that should be the bastion of industrialization in Africa can only generate 5,000 MW that is not even enough to power electric bulbs in every home. And any investment we’ve ever made (and we have invested billions of dollars, from the Bola Ige/OBJ era) diffuses into thin air.

South Africa with about 60m population will generate about 58,000MW that is almost 12 times what Nigeria will generate and it reflects in the GDP per capita $7,050

Nigeria needs something strongly pragmatic and aggressively deviated from what we have in terms of leadership. We need a revolutionary and transformative leader and not just “its my turn” politicians.

Our GDP (of about $ 1 trillion and per capita of $2,065 compared to South Africa $ 812 billion and per capita of $7,055 ) based our human and resource endowment should be in the neighborhood of $10 trillion, but NO we down tools in every sector and lazily sits waiting for Oil proceeds that should constitue a maximum of 15-20% of our foreign exchange earnings based on the diverse potentials of this supposed great country of ours.

We need to be generating nothing less than 100,000 MW as of today (an there is no state of emergency in the power sector nor any sense of urgency, instead we are still waiting to share FAAC and JAAC monthly) to build that economy and create opportunities for our people and make Nigeria a liveable country.

So we are doing just about 5% of our average expected capacity that can drive an economy we should ordinarily be having.

We have a very long way to go, and there is certainly no hope at sight with current leadership trajectory and disposition.

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