Nigeria and its politicians, the Civil servants grossly enmeshed in corruption

We cannot run this form of government. The numbers are increasing and I see the country shutting down.

Staff Report

It is a long way to go.

We simply exist to fund the lifestyle of Government officials and their greed.

Many will deny this and pretend.

I once had a Perm Sec that supervised a Parastatal I worked for. I was responsible for some administrative and procurement matters. So I was at the operational end. 

We were 6 identical parastatals under his purview.

We each provided him a Guest House at a place of his choice. We provided all the works. Rent, furnishing to taste, generators, NEPA bills, water, guest house staff, standby vehicles plus driver. Petrol, diesel, flight costs to the location and return whenever he visited. We also catered for his guests to the location which was often the case whenever he came.

This was replicated 6 times at different locations for each of the Parastals.

All the Parastatals also delivered generators and full service to his country home. We renovated parts of the building and painted annually. There were Hilux vans stationed at the village home for errands as the family members may decide.

Every year, we provided him with Business Class tickets to Europe. Himself and his spouse. Meanwhile, the Ministry had such benefits for him. So he had 7 (husband and wife) tickets that I know. Some bought him first class tickets. We never had the same spouse every year… Because we bought the tickets. Some of the Parastatals paid for medical check ups for him and his wives on these trips. 

There were also contracts awarded to contractors of his choice. They had priority also in payments.

This was just one Perm Sec. There were other MDAs under his charge. So I don’t know what happened at those ends. I knew ours because we shared information. 

Other Perm Secs may ask for less or more depending on their greed.

All these are considered perks of office.

Multiply this by 48, then an average of 20 per state by 37.

These were simply emperors and they were a permanent feature in the landscape. The cost is humongous. 

We cannot run this form of government. The numbers are increasing and I see the country shutting down.

This is just one line item of the entire sleaze.

My cousin’s senior sister is a side chic to one of this class of people. She has a home entirely serviced by government. House, generator, diesel, driver, Prado jeep. All the works.

And these are the monies that are released first from budget. 

So we can never have money for infrastructure and development. We can’t have hospitals, schools etc. 


Too many people are on LIMITLESS ‘Scholarships’. And that is why the Nigerian elite sees nothing wrong in corruption. They belong to a long line in the gravy train.

Don’t be deceived.

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