Investors jostle for spots in Otti’s New Abia; targets completion of Modular Refinery

We are creating every position and building amenities that will accommodate the lineup of investors that has been making inquiries – Prince Okey Kanu

Njoku Saintajerry A.

Within 8 months in office, the Alex Otti led Labour Party government in Abia State has continue to prove that quality leadership is attainable and development is possible with discipline, integrity and commitment to see your people and region develop in every facets of the economy beginning from road infrastructure, industry to create employment, health and welfare of your people.

With such quality representation and leadership in place, investors, both domestic and international will naturally flow towards the region where there is provision of basic infrastructure amenities and discipline to nurture growth both in the economy and in the social sector.

In a statement obtained from the Honorable Commissioner of Information Prince Okey Kanu at the end of the weekly Exco Meeting, He confirmed the 100% completion of more domestic economic roads in the state commercial nerve center, Aba, including Jubilee Road, Green Avenue, University Road, and College Road, all marked with street lightning and floodlight for night business.

“Some of the roads are in different stages of completion and I guess they’re all up to 90% completion and will be commissioned in due time” He said.
This will bring the number of roads that would have been completed, to add to the existing infrastructure to 10 within the first 8 months of our administration. He said.

As work continues in the epoch Abia Industrial Innovation Park, at Owazza, one of the major project of this administration, is the Modular refinery projects which is projected to come on stream in 2025, and will serve as one of the landmark projects in the oil and gas sector in the South East region.

On completion, it is estimated that the Abia Industrial Innovation Park will provide job opportunities in excess of about 2,000 direct employment to the young people, If you add that to Indirect jobs that will be affiliated, you would have created a buoyant economy for the region and its people and that is what responsive leadership is all about.

More so, the increase in the State IGR that will come through the sale of refined products from the Industrial park are all motivators for the kind of economy we have resolved to build, an economy that works and is self sustaining 

Therefore every effort is being put in place to ensure that that the date we have fixed for ourselves is achievable. Said the Hon. Commissioner

The state government is also poised to reap from the huge investment opportunities provided by the petroleum and mineral resources endowments of the state. In this regard, we are creating every position and building amenities that will accommodate the lineup of investors that has been making inquiries, presently, there are lots of investors that are just ready to come and invest in our State and they are all welcomed.

And of course when these investments are put in place, they will add to the economy and bring benefits to both the investors and the people, they will help to provide job opportunities for our youth, and this will certainly reflect on the economic development and well being of Abia State and her people.

In the coming month, sometimes in April this year, there will be a medical mission to the state; where medical personnel will be providing about 200 free surgeries during that medical mission.
This is a huge opportunity and the best of times for Abia State and its people, especially in the health sector as many Health Facilities including General Hospitals are remodeled and equipped to serve the primary interest of the citizens, some of the remodeled hospitals have reached advanced stages of completion and will be commissioned very soon by the Executive Governor Dr. Alex Otti. 

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