NIGERIA: there is enough madness and misfortune to go round in the coming days

I could never understand why anyone would think they’re immune from the recklessness that became Nigeria?


“If Nigeria taught me anything, it is that:

1. Poverty.

2. Insecurity &

3. Bad Governance are no respecter of tribe nor religion. There are consequences for bad behaviors.

“No tribe buy bread cheaper.” — Peter Obi.

Arewa have some of the most notorious handles on Twitter, & people make excuses for them. Bigots will make you question your sanity. They’re encouraged to continue with the vitriols, unchecked!

In 2027, bigots will vote tribe & religion, & look for who to blame.

You empower people like Sarki & others to denigrate the South, especially the Igbos. But you forget that we need one another.

The chicken always come home to roost.

In Bola Tinubu’s Book of Justice, he has settled the North.

1. Minister of Defense: North.

2. Minister of State Defense: North.

2. The National Security Adviser: North.

This equation remained the same, since from Buhari’s 8 calamitous years.

On Buhari’s watch, more then 62,000 Nigerians perished. People were slaughtered in the most chaotic & brutal insane manner.

What did Arewa do?

“We are little pissed” they said!

Your Sheiks & Imams couldn’t be bothered! You know why? Table Mannerism.

Bashir Ahmad did not criticize Buhari on Twitter, not once!! The hypocrite & a latter-day activist maintained his table manners for 8 perilous years.

Today, he remembered the “useless” Nigerian police could actually track missing persons.

The PRO of the Nigerian Police who himself is a bigot, will do nothing. He’ll rather quote the obsolete & irrelevant sections of the 1999 Constitution to threaten unsuspecting Nigerians with the so-called “Cyber stalking.”

Listen to me, there is enough madness & misfortune to go round. But no one is gloating over the misfortune of others, HELL NO!

Before you point your fingers at others, look yourself in the mirrow. Bad Governance won’t ask of your tribe or religion, it’ll balance you real quick.

The day Arewa will jettison hypocrisy & begin to call a spade what it, that’s the day “Nigeria, the Journey to Greatness,” start.

“The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe were clever & convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them.”

“What started in part to mock the misfortunes of others, ended up biting you in the butt. When you go into town enslaving good people, know that the fire will enslave you.”

I could never understand why anyone would think they’re immune from the recklessness that became Nigeria?

You have two options:

1. Speak out, no matter the tribe or religion.

2. Or maintain your table mannerism.

We can continue with the unholy divisions, & see how it will end. Or we can unite & take the fight to the political elites.

There are no tribes in Aso Rock, only crooks. Tribes don’t commit crimes, people do.

Jukun, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Efik, Berom, Ibibio etc, suffer just as much.

No religion buy bread cheaper. Either way, the choices you make? they make you! In the end, what is left to play for, is anyone’s guess.”


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