Lensafrik International Celebrates Iconic Leader Chetachi Ecton

if NGOs and non-state actors are going to complement the World Leaders’ commitment of attaining the UN SDG by 2030 we must all spare no resources to partner with other stakeholders in reaching the mark. -Dr. Chetachi Nwoga Ecton

By Williams Iroh Njoku

Towards its preparation to launch an all time events that is focused on leadership and the young people in Africa, the management of LensAfrik Media group, recognizes Chief Dr. Chetachi Nwoga Ecton, a Nigerian-US female Diaspora leader, Community Organiser and a Philanthropist of great repute. 

Dr. Chetachi has been in the frontline of women empowerment as the Chairperson of International Women Power Conference, (IWPC) and providing technical support, leadership and education to the young people especially to the emerging young generation of African leaders through her double honours foundation; The When In Need Foundation (WIN) and Elimh Foundation.

Dr. Chetachi has a long history of advocacy up her sleeve right from her native home in Mbaise, Imo state, across Nigeria geo-political zones and to foreign missions where she has sojourned for the past 2 decades. 

LensAfrik International, Diaspora based China-Africa platform has been on the frontline of inter-cultural activities, including facilitating the establishment of the first Nigeria-China Cultural Center in Beijing and several other high powered Nigeria investment tour activities in Southern China.

As the old generation of African leaders wanes, sometimes leaving a wide gap of deficit in grooming effective men and women who will take the baton from the aging generation, LensAfrik International found the need to align with men and women of caliber, women who has remained steadfast in their pursuit to peace and harmony in our communities, empowerment to the young people including providing educational support that will see the young people take up responsible roles in the society to fill the gap of leadership that is abysmally lacking among the coming generations of Africans.

 According to statement obtained from the President of LensAfrik International Youth Leadership Initiative, Comrade Njoku Jerry Ajike, who doubles as the State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party in Abia State; “Africa is one of the most underdeveloped piece of Real Estate on the planet, coming down to Nigeria which represents virtually everything about Africa, We have untapped virgin resources both human and natural, therefore wherever you see individuals like Dr. Chetachi taking such high responsibility roles of providing support to the common problems in Africa which is leadership and empowerment, the best we can do is to make her job easier by aligning forces with her great efforts of humanity and service to the people. Said Mr. Njoku

Dr. Chetachi Nwoga Ecton, is one of the most inspiring women in this region of Africa and she has a personal stories of struggle and humility that keep motivating her to do more. As a woman who has equally suffered from poverty and abuse to creating a humanitarian and philanthropic organization that is changing the lives of people in her community and wherever she has found herself around the world, Dr. Chetachi is worth every inch of support from everyone of us to make her job of philanthropy and advocacy keep flowing with ease. 

As a woman with a track history of sponsoring thousands of boys and girls to school, assisting widows with funds to engage in subsistence farming, funding high-level humanitarian medical delegations to Africa, or engaging the international community to pay attention to disadvantaged communities in Africa, she remains a self-driven leader who is always seeking opportunities for the betterment of the people.

Inspired by the story in her own struggles and the variations of the social landscape she learned in college, Dr. Ecton took up a social enterprise in the real estate business and staked an opportunity that helped her expand her entrepreneurial and humanitarian activities. Her first social work venture was a healthcare agency that provides services to the intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals. 

Through one of her pet project, the When In Need Foundation, Dr. Ecton has helped change the lives of over 550,000 people by donating funds for education, agriculture and healthcare in different communities in Nigeria. For example, in 2018, using her networks and relationships with private foundations and organizations of goodwill like the Order of Saint George, International Rotary Club, Corporate America and the International Community, Dr. Ecton mobilized unprecedented effort in-kind donations of medical supplies worth over $1 million to communities in Nigeria. 

Dr. Chetachi has a firm belief that if nonprofit organizations and other non-state actors are going to complement the World Leaders’ commitment of attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, then we must all spare no resources to partner with other stakeholders in reaching the mark.

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