The Supreme Court, Abia and the victory dance of May 22; A Media Statement

The Judiciary has never failed to represent the wills of the people of this great country, we owe them the gratitude and due respect for allowing the voice of God to speak through them to deliver justice to his people whenever it matters most.

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

At every phase of the journey of the great liberation of South East Center of Commerce, Abia State, a region that was once held hostage for decades by political state actors, God and man has never failed to prove their alliance and commitment to set the state eternally free from the chokehold of individuals of weak morals, deficient in the knowledge of a functional economy, and with very poor leadership history.

Since the declaration of the electoral victory of Alex Otti’s Led Labour party that ousted certain political rogue elements hiding under the cloak of poor political sagacity and ‘Ukwu Ose’ support, the individuals behind the scene and hiding under a false superior political stronghold has refused to let the will and voice of the people thrive.

However, that age old wisdom that states; “Vox popu​li vox Dei: the voice of the people is the voice of God” remains sacrosanct and Abia people and God Almighty have spoken.
It is over for those who has held this God’s own state hostage under political manipulation for over 2 decades bringing so much ridicule, shame and filth to this great land of commerce and industry, they are rejected and will never be welcomed back to the leadership of Abia State again, Never and ever!

At every turn of their protest against the will of the good people of Abia State, God and man through the Judiciary has always intervened and will continue to intervene from the Tribunals to the Appeal Court and now the Supreme Court hearing slated for 10th January 2024.

The victory dance of 22nd May 2023 by the people of Abia State, that shook entire South East region and for weeks remained headline news in the national dailies and the TV was all that is required to send the final signal that Help has come to the people of God at last.

The Wise teacher said; “The stubborn flies that refused to hear the funeral dirge will end up in the grave with the corpse.” This is what is going to happen to all those Abia political state actors the people of Abia state has rejected and do not want to see them again messing around the corridors of government in Abia State yet they have remained adamant clinging unto forlorn hope of a Supreme court Magic to be replicated in their favour.

Unfortunately, the old Abia is dead and buried and the fate of the stubborn flies is about to be sealed on the 10th January 2024. Welcome to the New Abia led by a government of the people and for the people under the leadership of the people’s governor H.E. Dr. Alex Otti.

 The people of Abia State shall remain grateful to the Judiciary for proving to Nigerians that they are still worth their salt and honor bestowed upon them by the Almighty God and by the leadership of this great country. The Judiciary has never failed to represent the wills of the people of this great country, most importantly in Abia State and for this singular act of honor we owe them the gratitude and due respect for allowing the voice of God to speak through them to deliver justice to his people.

By Wednesday 10th January, justice will be served and Abians will repeat the victory dance of 22nd May 2023 when God in heaven decided to loose his people from the bondage of wicked Pharaohs parading as political leaders.

As we prepare to completely seal the fate of those stubborn flies by the supreme authority of the will of the people of God, let every member and supporters of good governance join hands with the leadership of God’s servant Dr. Alex Otti, the Executive Governor of Abia State, in the great work of reconstruction ongoing across the state. I remain confident that we shall all be rewarded for our participation and commitment to rebuild this great land of commerce as a model state where leadership and politics is well defined.

And for those acting as member of the opposition, be guided in wisdom as people who has sincere interest to see a better Abia of peace and prosperity otherwise it wouldn’t be long, your foolishness and greed will be uncovered and the people will certainly pass a judgment suitable to all greedy political state actors that has nothing to do other than play politics to satisfy their fat stomach and lazy lifestyle.

Welcome to the New Abia, Welcome to Labour Party
Njoku Jerry A.
State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Abia

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