Alex Otti’s New Abia attracts Diaspora Nigerians; Opens doors of partnership

Africa is most underdeveloped piece of real estate on the planet and here in Abia State, vast forest lands are waiting for our Diaspora members and the LP government led by our great leader Dr. Alex Otti has simplified virtually everything that relates to development” – Njoku Jerry A. LP State Publicity Secretary

By Eric Mba
Abia state indigenes resident overseas visiting home for the seasonal holidays had an occasion to have a firsthand impression of what the Alex Otti led labour party government is doing as they touch down in the capital city Umuahia en-route to their various villages.

Despite the hard hit economic situations and inflationary trends in Nigeria, people of the South East region have never failed to defy all odds to touch down home at every festive seasons and the year 2023 homecoming was not only exceptional to see the New Abia but an eye opener to see the need to reconnect to motherland.

With the concept of the New Abia and a government that works, the office of the Governor, Abia state, saw the need to host Diaspora Abians visiting home for the very first time since the emergence of the new Labour party government, to encourage them to join hands in the ongoing reconstruction work led by the Alex Otti led Labour Party government.

Speaking for the occasion and why such meeting of familiarization has become necessary, Mr. Njoku Jerry Ajike, the state Publicity Secretary of the Party, and a former Diaspora leader said; “It has become a necessity to let Nigerians living overseas to see the need to join forces with the home government to build the kind of homeland they hope to arrive in, especially here in Abia state.

Speaking further, Mr. Njoku said; “I am aware that many had stayed away by reasons of actions of previous administrations and political state actors who may not have possessed the kind of capacity and competence to run a responsible government that attracts quality individuals, skills and talents. Today, all that is history with the coming of H.E. Dr. Alex Otti into the leadership saddle of Abia State.

“Our leader, the executive governor, do not only possess the capacity and competence but he understand the strategic roles members of the Diaspora community plays in nation building as he had exemplified in the selection of his cabinet members, all technocrats with sound political knowledge of community.”
“I mean, it is one thing to be a technocrat and a complete different ball game to be politically sound to know what is required for the socio-economic development at the grassroots level.”
“Dr. Otti used to say, the indigenes do not develop a place, it is the visitors, and that’s a fact when you visit great cities like Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt etc.

“However that do not interpret that our Diaspora brothers and sisters are visitors, but by reasons of their temporary absence from motherland, they have automatically assumed the role of bringing development to their homeland by their privileged international exposure and that is what the meeting of 4th January 2024, with executive members of the government and the Diasporas had come to discuss.”

On whether previous administration never involved members of the Diaspora in governance, Mr. Njoku responded.

“It is not about what the previous administration has done or not done. This is the New Abia, and the summary of the Diaspora meeting simply states that, those former occupants of government house that had held the state hostage without introducing any structural development, those political state actors that were so myopic and resistant to development both to human and technical infrastructure has been kicked out by the people of the state for the kind of government the people actually desired, a government that works with the sole interest to see practical development in place and not media manipulation to deceive.

“This is the reason for the meeting with members of the Diaspora visiting home for seasonal holidays, to let them see the need to join hands with responsible people in the government of the new Abia, whom many of them are also members of the Diaspora community including my humble self.”

“They should bring their ideas, finance and network to build the Abia of our dreams,. and with the leadership of the Labour party, a government by the people and for the people, the cooperation network has been spread to accommodate everyone to contribute their quota and this has been the focus of our party, to pursue a people-oriented conscientious government that welcomes ideas from credible people of substance with a broad network of resource persons, finance and the technology that members of the Diaspora attract.

Take for instance, a member of the Diaspora Community is building one of the largest resorts in the South East located in Alayi, Bende LGA, just about 35 Minutes drive from the State Capital Umuahia, named Chremdon Vine Resort, it is a huge sight to visit, driving towards Ohafia from the Umuahia-Uzuakoli road. Our government is open to receive more of this kind of cooperation and this is why all major towns in the state are receiving massive expansion of roads and infrastructure development to accommodate this kind of partnership. Diaspora participation in governance is certain to expand this virgin land to our expectations.

Those Diaspora members who stayed away before by reasons of poor governance are being encouraged to visit and see the great works the Labour Party led government of Dr. Alex Otti is doing to rebuild the state from the scratch and finally I encourage Diaspora Africans to make the money in the West and bring it down here to develop the continent, joins hands with conscientious leadership like our leader Dr. Alex Otti and others like him, spearheading development at the regional level.
Africa is most underdeveloped piece of real estate on the planet and here in Abia State, vast forest lands are waiting for our Diaspora members and this government has simplified virtually everything that relates to development including the 30 days processing of Certificate of Occupancy by the Ministry of Lands.
I welcome Nigerian Diasporas to Abia State.

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