JOK reverses self, Praise Otti to high heavens

“I commend Governor Otti for not weaponizing politics. He has done fairly well in terms of security.

By Eric Mba

As was predicted by analyst of Abia state politics, a region that has created a kind of entrepreneurial patronage in local politics, churning out and sustaining the likes of infamous Chief Eze Chikamnayo, John Okiyi Kalu (JOK) both former Commissioners of Information and all long terms cabinet members throughout the years of infamy of Abia State PDP.

Men who took advantage of their presence in the corridors of power to trade in falsehood and weak propaganda that only ends up decorating their bosses in ridicule and shame both while in office and outside of office while they smile to the bank.

Since the umbrella party they have converted to cash machine was rejected and ousted by the courageous people of Abia state, JOK has found a past time bashing the government of Governor Alex Otti led Labour party as a hound dog perhaps he would be able to invoke the usual culture of patronage.

JOK had traversed all social media pages and Whatsapp Forums including granting radio interviews dishing out lies and falsehood of what never transpired, creating false images perhaps he could deceive the unsuspecting public as in the days of his former boss Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, all in a bid to whip up sentiments – all to no avail.

2024 is about to pull many surprises as JOK begin to wear himself out in lies and fruitless effort to distract visitors going to Abia to see the wonderful work Governor Alex Otti of Labour Party is doing and on the eve of 2nd January 2024, John Okiyi Kalu has returned to the social media page with a different message and it reads; 

“I commend Governor Otti for not weaponizing politics. He has done fairly well in terms of security. He has refrained from intimidating and victimizing his critics and opponents.  He is toeing the lane Ikpeazu took and that is very commendable.”

Unfortunately, Otti do not appear as a man who will toe any line of infamy and laziness in economic and social responsibilities to the people of Abia state, a hallmark of the Okezie Ikpeazu administration because the likes of John Okiyi Kalu and Eze Chikamnayo were deceiving the man and collecting money from him and giving him all kinds of fake titles including “the best governor in South East Nigeria,’ “the rebuilder of Abia” etc emblazoned on giant poorly made billboards across the state while they cash out on the unsuspecting ex governor..

That was the kind of propaganda JOK and his fellow miserable deceivers were running in Abia State until Okezie Ikpeazu was humiliated out of office.
The people of Abia State has only one message for John Okiyi Kalu and his gangs, sit down and watch Otti rebuild Abia from the ruins and filth you and your gangs made of it, Stop wasting your time on Social media trading in falsehood, you will only be demarketing yourself of whatsoever value that is left in you.

~ Chief John Okiyi Kalu

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