Expelled LP dissents Eragbe Anselem and Arabambi Abayomi got served, beaten and humiliated in Edo State

Eragbe Anselem and Arabambi Abayomi both expelled Labour Party dissents got served in their own plate of betrayals, greed and selfish acts in Labour Party strongholds, Edo

As reported

Eragbe Anselem (Former LP National Youth Leader and Arabambi Abayomi (Former LP National  Publicity Secretary) both expelled Labour Party dissents got served in their own plate of betrayals, greed and selfish acts to destabilize the painstaking achievement of the Julius Abure led Labour Party movement.

Eragbe Anselem and Arabambi got beaten black and blue with his clothes torn and was literally dragged in the dust by his own people in Edo State who complained bitterly at his level of selfishness and greed not to let matters rest in peace but has continued on vain destructive journey to destroy the party that made him.
Eragbe Anselem and his cohorts had continued in futile efforts to destabilize the activities of the Labour Party at every opportunity especially during electoral activities like the coming February Off cycle elections scheduled to hold in Edo State.
They attempted similar act in Imo and Ondo State and failed and was perhaps buoyed by additional support the leadership of the APC  whom it is alleged they have been clandestinely working for and being rewarded handsomely.

The former National Youth Leader led by the Lamidi Apapa disbanded faction of the Labour party has been alleged to be collecting money from the ruling APC through proxies of APC leadership from Abuja to destabilize the efforts and confidence young Nigerians have built in the Nigeria revolutionary Labour Party

Eragbe Anselem and Arabambi Abayomi had taken their fight of infamy and campaign calumny against the Julius Abure led leadership of the Party to Edo State, traditional home of the ‘Obedient Movement’ in their continuous journey to deceive the unsuspecting members of the public of the existence of the illegal group led by one Lamidi Apapa whom the Federal and State High courts sitting in both Abuja and Edo State has condemned their criminal behaviors of infractions , unfortunately for the duo they met their 40 days in Edo State home of the Obidients!

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