What difference has 7months of Labour Party government made in Abia

The celebration that is rife in Abia state today for the new lease of leadership that has happened to them is a recognition of the challenges Abia people had faced for over 2 decades,

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

As the year 2023 draws to a close, residents and people of Abia state looked back and have every cause to show gratitude to Almighty God for answering their prayers when they earnestly needed an answer for rescue from over 2 decades of neglect, anguish and frustrations in the hands of individuals that hijacked their way to the governance and political leadership of the state only to make every effort in their ignorance, to destroy every fabrics of development the state had once taken pride in.

As analysed by Anokwuru, C. U.(Phd), Umuahia based Political Analyst

There are about 13 Point development focus that reveals every evidence that the Help Abia people were searching and praying for is here at last,

Every congratulatory gesture and excitement expressed by residents of the state today reverberates with a wish for a brighter future that is certain, an improved governance that is in practice already, and an elevated living standards in Abia state that has been initiated already with the reawakening of attention on the welfare of the civil servants, the work force and engine of the economy.

The celebration that is rife at every corner of Abia state today for the new lease of leadership that has happened to them both through the influence of the people’s collective obedience and their decision to kick criminals out of the hallowed seat of leadership is a recognition of the challenges Abia people have faced for over 2 decades, it is an expression of collective hope for a new beginning that is certain to bring in positive transformations across various facets of life. This is why Abians are celebrating.

Take for instance within the first 7 months of the Governor Alex Otti led Labour Party administration, he was able to accomplish many projects and promises made to the residents and people of the state during the campaign.
Especially the unprecedented payment of 13th month salary and pension arrears to all civil servants in the state before the end of the year 2023, a promise that virtually kept everyone that heard it on their toes, guessing, where he would find all that money to keep to such promises.
 Today, that promise is fulfilled and more like the;

1. The Light Up Abia Project is synonymous with Christ the light of the world. 

2. The operation zero-potholes in Abia is for safety in celebration.

3. The speedy construction of roads across the state is for easy transportation to do our businesses and ensure shared prosperity for all. 

4. The retrofitting of general hospitals, health institutions, and other health facilities in the state is to ensure optimal health of our body and mind so we can live to celebrate more years. 

5. The prompt payment of salaries and pensions is a reward for jobs well done. 

6. The transparency in governance that has become the new signature of Abia state today is to show that accountability is at the core of genuine leadership. 

7. The cash transfers, and provisions of Agro imputes to ndi Abia through various components of NG cares are to ensure continuous and collective well-being of all in the state. 

7. The state grants to ndi Abia through the Ministry of Digital Economy &SME and CSDP is to enable collective engagement of all to ensure the common good of the state. 

8. The establishment of Operation Crush is to ensure the security of the lives and properties of ndi Abia and her residents.

9. The establishment of the state’s ombudsman is in keeping with the Governor’s campaign promise and reassures his commitment to the interest and welfare of the people.

10. The speedy intervention in the education sector which has witnessed the renovation of public schools across the 17 LGAs in Abia further underscores the Governor’s passion to restore education in the state as the hallmark of development in human capital.

11. The recovery of Aba state from the chain of looters over the years is a sign of a new beginning and births hope for social engineering, collective prosperity, and progress. 

12. The determination to identify and speedily revitalise all moribund industries in the state is an effort to boost the economy, create jobs for her teeming youth population, and restore the state as the number one commercial hub in the South East. 

These are clear attestation to Abia’s New Beginning, a timely motivation that is certain to win the people’s loyalty to the Labour Party government for standing out as a true government of the people and for the people

Njoku SaintJerry A is the State Publicity Secretary, Labour Party Abia

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