Labour Party celebrate Otti’s commitment to leadership

Any leader who follows such footsteps of inclusiveness as Gov Otti has done is bound to be celebrated by all including non members of his political party, 

By Chinwe Nwankwo

As the year draws to a close, feelers from Abia state, especially among members and supporters of Nigeria’s revolutionary Labour Party has scored Governor Alex Otti very high for his exemplary leadership model that is said to focus on the People’s welfare, their environment and economic sustenance.

Speaking with the State Publicity Secretary of the Party, Comrade Njoku Jerry Ajike, who narrated the position of the party and the state under Otti’s leadership, Mr. Njoku said;

“Abians has every need to celebrate the Labour Party leader and governor of the people this festive season as the level of moral support and palliatives to cushion the economic shock of inflation has never in the history of the state reached the magnitude at which the governor is operating.

Across the 184 Wards in Abia today, almost every family is a recipient of the about 15,000 bags of rice, courtesy of the Alex Otti Christmas palliatives irrespective of political party affiliations.

By the 19th December 2023, salaries of all civil servants have been paid to enable them enjoy their Christmas holidays and most heartwarming was the fulfillment of that campaign promise of paying off all outstanding arrears of salaries that were wickedly owed our aged pensioners and civil servants for several years.

This is the basis of Labour Party, the people are our structure and their welfare is the fulcrum of the support and sincere loyalty to the leadership of the party.

Only a man committed to the responsibilities of quality leadership will get down to work the way Governor Otti has exemplified in all manners he has chosen to engaged the state and her residents.

Any leader who follows such footsteps is bound to be celebrated by all including non members of his political party, by virtue of his choice of inclusiveness to all concerned and not playing politics with the state and the welfare of the ordinary people and as the image maker of the party I owe Abians the duty to lead the celebration of the man they wholeheartedly elected to rebuild this great God’s own state.”

 “I remembered vividly one of our viral online skit done by my humble self in the course of the campaign and the focus of the message was on the preparedness of the man that will reset Abia from the then precarious and sordid situation it found itself.”

“Anytime I remembered that video and what’s happening in Abia state today, I feel fulfilled in the role I played during that tough campaign season.”

“If you take a tour around Abia state today, you will notice that air of freedom from a people and a region that once displayed every semblance of a region and her people under a hostage of political actors that vehemently robbed them naked under the guise of political leadership that was nothing other than a circus of rogue elements holding the state captive by every kind of manipulation”

The kind of leadership exemplified by our leader and Governor is a confirmation of the May 22nd 2023 victory celebrations that shook entire South East region.
That event exhibited such a genuine excitement of the people’s collective predictability of what was going to happen next and I am very grateful to God for answering the prayers of the ordinary people of this South East commercial nerve centre that was almost destroyed by individuals perpetually unprepared for any leadership role of whatsoever kind.

If you go to Ohafia today, one of the largest political base of Abia state and 3rd emerging city, Governor Alex Otti is wholeheartedly celebrated, he is the brand Labour Party is proudly showcasing to the Nigeria political sector on how leadership office should be managed for the benefit of all and the interest of the ordinary people, if not for anything but for the rescue of our aged pensioners who were in their thousands and abandoned to suffer and die silently throughout the rein of the defunct and rejected Abia state PDP.

“I was at the Church auditorium in Ohafia where he made a promise to the retirees and civil servants of bringing an end to the neglect and withholding of their entitlements running into years of sheer abandonment, today, that promise has been fulfilled.  

I visited Ukwa land, despite its history of contributing to Nigeria’s oil wealth. The entire Ukwa land in Abia State do not appear as a region that was once under a any form of governance, the extent of decadence and neglect was mind boggling and very painful to imagine such level of negligence existed in a region that was attracting huge fiscal benefits to the state through NDDC and just few minutes drive away from the city of Commerce, Aba

But go to Ukwa land today, beginning from Owazza, center for the Abia Industrial Innovation Park (AIIP), the people of entire Ukwa land appeared liberated from political witchcraft codenamed PDP, they continued to celebrate Governor Otti heroism for leading and bringing such development milestone to the region, Majority of the youths of Ukwa land are relocating to position themselves for thousands of jobs and vast economic opportunities created by that singular great move of development.

In Aba, the heartbeat of South East Commerce, that was Almost completely ruined by political rascals, what Governor Otti has done to revive Commerce and economic interest especially at the long abandoned Aba-Port Harcourt Road, and 7 other critical roads that should boost and revive the economy of that region is captivating, the cleanup of the heaps of garbage that was almost giving entire city a very bad and shameful name tag and the lighting up of streets totally abandoned in filth and darkness completely grounding the night life Enyimba city was known for is worth celebrating and the residents of Aba knows the stark difference between this great light and torch bearer Dr. Alex Otti (OFR) and the former occupants whom represented everything deplorable in the commercial city.

Coming down to the Capital city, Umuahia, I kept wondering reason why no past governor or any executive cabinet member ever stayed back in the capital city, because of the adverse lack of any viable means of economic sustenance, Umuahia was literally abandoned and relatively destroyed by the ignorance of political opportunists who found themselves in such a high office of responsibility unprepared, they practically destroyed the seat of governance and reduced Umuahia to a village status.
However, visit Umuahia today, the infrastructural overhaul and organized administrative structure brought back into the capital city has genuinely endeared the residents towards the Labour Party leader and they have vowed never to allow such characters that used to parade themselves as political leaders ever to near any seat of power again in the state.”

Mr. Njoku speaking on the recent status of the party as the ruling party in Abia state and as an Opposition party at the central said;
“We owe it as a duty to the people of Abia state to make their joy complete for what God has done for them in the person of Dr. Alex Otti and we are leaving the door wide opened for more Abians to join us in this great journey to rebuild the state to what Almighty God has ordained it to be and as an Opposition party at the federal level, our duty shall remain to provide proper checks and balances that will bring wholesome development and peace to Nigeria. Development and progress can only be achieved once there is peace.

Thank you.


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